7 Best Hanging Houseplants that Won't Die Easily

7 Best Hanging Houseplants that Won't Die Easily

Homiful.com -- There are so many types of indoor plants for a house. This time you put plants in a room that can really give you a new vertical and a calm mind. Plants are always part of the decoration of the room that you can choose the type and place anywhere.

Maybe you will be a little confused to choose what type of indoor plants are right to decorate the room. One of them is a hanging indoor plant that you must make an option to decorate the ceiling of the house or window sill.

English Ivy


This plant that cares is easy and fast to grow is English ivy. The perfect planting to fill the void with the room in the house, very interesting for you to choose as an indoor ornamental plant. Native to Northern Europe, English ivy tends to tolerate well in cooler temperatures.

Watch out when you place it in the room, this plant is toxic to cats and dogs.

Platycerium Sporofit


Platycerium sporophyte plant is a plant that grows from short rhizomes and dams two types of leaves, basal leaves and lush leaves. Basal leaves are sterile, shielded or kidney-shaped and laminated against the tree and protect the fern root from damage and drying.

With its uniqueness, this plant is easily distinguished from other nail type plants that have two types of enthalpy with different functions and shapes. As the name implies, the enthalpy is branched and has a shape like deer antlers.

Philodendron Lemon Lime and Neon Pothos


Philodendron lemon lime is an ornamental plant that originated in America the cultivated and sent to Florida which is very popular and spread to various countries. This plant has leaves 17-25 cm long and 2-3 cm wide. This plant will tend to be larger if placed outside a free open space. The stems propagate down and the stems of this plant grow very quickly.

Young plants have more leaves with a bright color. Thin leaves form a heart with a bright reddish yellow color in the watch, this plant will age after a few months and be made into lime green.



Portulaca or rose moss is an ornamental plant belonging to the family portulacaceae that originated in South America. Plants that have a fairly varied flower color include succulent plants that like sun rays and flowers kiss at night. This annual growth can grow between 15-20 cm with wet stems and often branching starting from the base. Upright rods or as located at ground level. If you choose this plant as a hanging plant in the house, be sure to provide plenty of water and suitable to be placed in dry areas or small rainfall.

Spider Plant


Yes, this fairly popular spider plant can be enjoyed together for a long time. This is one of the plants that cares easily and is quite impressive visually after growing. This plant will produce babies or "plantlets" that grow from the main branch. Thin and soft curved leaves are beautiful to be used as hanging plants in the house. If you have this plant, especially with branches that many atmospheres, will look more dramatic.

This plant is a non-toxic plant.

Succulent - Sedum Morganianum


Sedum morganianum is a type of plant called soybean tail. This plant is healed and can produce seeds. Belongs to the class Magniliopsida or two-sided plants. This popular and easy-to-grow plant has leaves that are shaped like tears and grow and down and down.

This plant will have flowers that appear in late summer with hanging and small-sized flowers.



Petunias are a genus of flowering plants in the form of trumpets. This plant from South America is between 16-30 cm tall and its flowers are single-crowned and some are double-crowned with colors that vary such as white, pale yellow, red, blue and deep-purple.

This plant has quite a lot of branches and will thrive when planted in a place where the fertile soil contains a lot of water.

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