7 Best Foliage Plants for Containers

7 Best Foliage Plants for Containers

Homiful.com -- Plants cannot survive without leaves. Leaves are a source for producing food. In addition, the leaves can be an animal player. Thoroughly, a nice leaf makes the garden at home so dance with beautiful colors rather than all the flowers.

Plants with green leaves such as Boston Ferns can change shape and color so amazing. Or you can choose other plants that have striking colors to give the combination of ornamental gardens more beautiful. You can see some plants with beautiful leaves below:

Aglaonema Legacy


Of several varieties of Aglaonema. This legacy Aglaonema is very attractive with leaves that have fins and young red patches. Beautiful oval leaf shape, often this plant is used as a birthday party gift or a new home. You can put in the room and provide enough light intensity is not excessive. This plant also needs to be given enough inertia, you can treat it with a temperature of 18-29 degrees Celsius which makes it thrive.

Watermelon Dischidia


Peperomia Dischidia trailing plants that grow vines are perfect for wearing shelf ledges or in hanging gear. Plants with small oval shaped leaves have beautiful leaf surface like watermelons. You can have this plant by ensuring indirect lighting, periodic watering, repotting as cuttings.

Peperomia Watermelon


Plants with unique leaf shapes and the next interesting pattern is watermelon Peperomia which actually has quite a lot of types. Plants similar to making watermelon on the surface of the leaves with a round shape of green color and purple stems is a unique plant that is very easy to grow if the leaves are lush. Because of its small size, Peperomia is very suitable to be placed on the terrace table or corner of the room.

Tradescantia Zebrina


Hanging type ornamental plants that grow dangling down are interesting with a distinctive color of purple. Plants with a purple color on the leaves with a striped white pattern are very appropriate to be used as an ornamental plant in window sill or fence wall. Plant with dangling and vine growing have a very easy treatment. But you still make sure to keep the soil moist, because this plant is very fond of water but not excessive.

Alocasia Polly


Alocasia polly is known for its beautiful plants for its velvety and slightly hairy leaves. Tropical plants with distinctive leaves of a deep green color have very clear leaf bones. The shape of oval leaves with wavy edges is very interesting to place in the corner pot of the room.

In addition to Alocasia Polly you can have other types of interesting Alocasia with typical leaf Foliage such as Alocasia Silver Dragon, Alocasia Stingray and Alocasia Dragon Scale.

Alocasia Maharani


A type of plant with beautiful foliage is Alocasia Maharani or commonly called queen. The shape of this split heart-like oval leaf has a dense-looking leaf texture with not too strong bones, But is noticed again, the leaf surface of this plant looks rough and has a small, thorough bulge.

Pink Philodendron


Pink princess Philodendron is a truly noble plant. This plant with undoubted beauty has a pink color and is very expensive. The shape of the leaves that are still the same as other types only distinguishes the color of the leaves are beautiful and very charming. This plant is very expensive because farmers cannot fully guarantee this Philodendron will be the perfect pink.

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