7 Best Bromeliads Anyone Can Grow Easily Indoors

7 Best Bromeliads Anyone Can Grow Easily Indoors

Homiful.com -- Bromeliads are tropical plants that are easy to grow. Some types are not difficult to treat and require a lot of trial when caring for them. Other types of bromeliads also require high humidity or light to develop. Others also need a special temperature to grow. There are many types of bromeliads that require watering in some time. If you want to know a lot about the type of bromeliad, we will summarize a little type for you that you can make as an ornamental plant at home.



Tillandsia is a small air plant. This plant grows only a few inches that can be hung easily. This plant creates a time of full-looking, green leaves that are brighter than silvery scales into the center of pink or red blush. 

This plant can be adapted to arid climate, so it really likes a lot of sunlight. It is recommended to add 1/4 strength fertilizer to the mist once a month during the growing season.



Plants that do not like this moisture too much will spoil easily if you flush too often. These rough and broad leaves with a dark green color have a lighter black or white. Bright and indirect light will anoint a beautiful color on the leaves. This vriesea will produce beautiful flowers with the shape of a sword lit yellow or orange color. You can find many cultivars of this species with various colors of leaves and flowers.



Dyckias is a genus of bromeliads whose treatment is easy in general. Plants that like full sunlight will still tolerate partial shade. Arid climate plants, so there is no need to be watered frequently. Plants with brown leaves are beautifully hard, rough leaves with different pinky spikes after the road around the leaf margins.

One of the advantages to dyckias is that unlike other genera, bromeliads that die after flowering. There will be more flowers. So this plant is very good for ornamental plants lovers, especially beginners.

Aechmea Chantinii


This plant is the most beautiful of the chantinii cultivars. Black and striped have a green color that contrast with the frozen ends. Plants that grow with large size, up to 30 inches high and 18 inches wide. This plant is often used in landscape because it becomes a collection of plants with full sun. This plant is great for pasting on trees or decorative wood.

Aechmea Fasciata


Aechmea Fasciata is called the silver urn plant. It's an easy plant for stars. The plant will thrive as long as the basic needs of this plant are met. You simply water it once a week and store the water in the shell that forms in the axial leaves. Plants that like dry media are good to be placed on areas that are not directly exposed to sunlight.

Plants with beautiful leaves of dark green and broad silvery color produce pink flowers with small purple flowers.



Ornamental plants Crypthantus bromeliads is one types of beautiful plant that grows naturally in the tropics. It has a fairly varied color from dark green, bright pink to bright red, with a pattern of stripes to spots. This plant is very feasible to be kept indoors so that you can enjoy its beautiful and diverse leaves.



Guzmania is billed as a red star bromeliad. This plant is an easy species found in nurseries and garden shops. Plants with a dark green color and rough leaves form red inflorescent ready for bloom. This color will last up to 5 months when the plant blooms. Guzmania plants need bright indirect light and must protect from direct light. You can place cup water on bromeliads and rinses once a week. Rainwater is best to use rather than tap water that will leave fertilization on the leaves.

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