7 Best Black Indoor Plant so Amazing

7 Best Black Indoor Plant so Amazing

Homiful.com -- Certain plants can be impressive home interior decorations and will be very popular. No exception with black plants that are very contrasting to dance the view in the corner of the room. Not only evokes a deeper and dramatic atmosphere, plants with black color are the right consideration to complete an empty and monotonous room. Some details you can see and see first the explanation below:

Black Raven ZZ plant

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This black raven becomes beautiful when placed in the room. Plants with shiny leaves for this old will slap black when the room with low lighting. These ornamental plants proved indestructible. With prominent blackened purple leaves, suitable, a variety of modern farmhouse styles that are popular for black and white decor.

Colocasia Black Magic

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The Colocasia black magic plant is a new type of black elephant ear plant. This plant is a type of green perennial plant that is tall and about 3-6 feet wide. Leaves with a large heart shape look attractive with a black old color with smoky casts.

Colocasia esculenta black magic presents plants with leaves that are durable and easy to grow. It grows best when is soil rich in warm temperatures and lots of light.

The Black Prince Echeveria

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This is a favorite succulent ornamental plant, especially for those who like a dark look with deep purple leaves that look like black. When it is still easy, this Echeveria will be green and dark as an adult. In the middle has a green color that can be easily scattered. This plant has rosettes reaching 3 inches, which is interesting to place in a mixed container.

Alocasia Black Velvet

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The next indoor plant suitable for beginners is Alocasia black velvet. This plant also called Alocasia reginula which has relatively small leaves and is colored in black contrast, silver lines, so it is very attractive to fill the corner with the room. The leaves of this plant are also quite thick looking like velvet which tends to have a stiff texture.

Dark Leaf Rubber Plant

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This type of cultivar Ficus Elastica plant becomes one of the plants that are loved by enthusiast in term of rubber trees. Leaves with a large red wind color have a length of 8-12 inches and a width of about 4 inches. This plant is crowned as a black leafy plant that is suitable for filling the room interior.

In tropical and temperate climates, this plant can reach a height of about 40 feet if planted in the ground.

Philodendron Royal


Philodendron the prince of darkness is from Southeast Asia. The plant, called philodendron royal Queen, is considered a new hybrid with dark and very shiny leaves. This plant grows newly stretched with a deep burgundy color and is easy to turn black. It eventually becomes dark green and rich as an adult.

This plant grows well with moderate light and indirect bright sunlight. Philodendrons love loose potted soils rich in organic matter.

Begonia Black Mamba


The latter is a black mamba plant that is black with a striking velvet leaf texture. It is very large, in the shape of a star. This plant grows up to 12 inches or 30 cm tall and is a contrasting form, the leaves.

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