7 Best Balcony Garden Pictures that You Need

7 Best Balcony Garden Pictures that You Need

Homiful.com -- If you live in an apartment or a small house, the balcony is one of the outdoor areas that you can stay in to relax throughout the day. There is no need to limit the decor to create a beautiful open room, full op plants and complete furniture.

You can do many things around the balcony by utilizing everything for interesting and brilliant ideas. Let's talk about balconies that you can't possibly miss.

Balcony with plants


It is normal if the balcony has a small and large size. But we could have tried a creative and beautiful decoration. Choose carious types of outdoor plants that are heat-resistant, some vegetables are also very appropriate if planted in this area because they can get sunlight easily.

Balcony with decorating wall accents


Nowadays, creating around the balcony of the house does not have to be with plants only. Some examples, you can imitate with a design like this. Full of cheerfulness, because colorful wall decorations can change the appearance of the balcony so sweeter.

Small lush balcony


Minimalist balcony design full of plants is believed to refresh the min and make a feeling of calm. The size of the elongated balcony is used to choose the type of medium tree plants and vines to spread throughout the balcony wall. Complete the furniture, chairs or tables for a cool relaxed in the morning.

Balcony of the house is like a mini garden


Make your house your paradise. Moreover, this balcony area looks beautiful and refreshing, full of ornamental plants. Balcony design such as a mini garden you can make beautiful with hanging pots, fresh flower plants to beautiful visuals of synthetic grass.

the balcony you need is very refreshing


Because the balcony is one of the places that can be made attractive with creative arrangement, you can make it like a lush ornamental forest. Neatly arranged and clean plants describe owners who diligently take good care of their plants. Moreover, you can create a beautiful mural on the wall that is tropical themed. Wow, this balcony is like I require, filling the shortage at home. Isn't that the case with you?

Balcony of the house look like cafe


It doesn't have to be a normal, relaxing place. The design of your home balcony that impressed, invites many people. Try the design with a café theme that is aesthetically full of warmth and romantic. Decorated with annual plants and warm light in various corners, this balcony is one of the interesting areas for dinner with couples.

Minimalist balcony with planting pot


The small land on the balcony of the house is nothing to worry about. Whatever the design, creating a beautiful balcony you can try like this example of an image. Make a neat order with a large planting pot, the type of outdoor plants that you can choose with easy care becomes very good to coolness. Add outdoor lights so that at night can be enjoyed by looking at the ceiling full of star.

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