7 Beautiful Zebra Print Houseplants

7 Beautiful Zebra Print Houseplants

Homiful.com --- Are you a lover of ornamental plants with animal motifs? The most ornamental plants with zebra print motifs will add a lot of characteristics in your home. You have many kinds of 'Zebra Print' plants that you can choose with amazingly beautiful leaf motifs so the right decorations.

Zebra print is a motif of stripes on the stem or leaves that naturally very beautiful and attractive. You can see some examples of beautiful zebra print plants:

Calathea Zebrina - Zebra Calathea

Many people call it zebra plants. Calathea zebrina is very beautfiul and comes from southeastern Brazil. Plants with light green rabbits and velvet suitable for home decoration. In this plant, you can find motifs of purple stripes and old green that have motifs similar to zebra stripes.

Flaming Sword - Vriesea Bromeliad


Sword ornamental plants with zebra motif leaves is one of the most common bromeliads used for interior decorations of rooms in the house. Because it is so striking, this plant has 250 varieties that give a variety of colorful leaf colors and bracts. This flaming plants are named for the red bracts that appear when the plants are three to five years old. Dark green leaves mixed white zebra motif is sword-shaped with a slightly curved tip down. 

Calathea Pinstripe


The next type of Calathea ornamental plant that you can make an option is Calathea Ornata. Ornamental plants with large leaves oblong shape and slender stalks have a green color and striped maroon like zebras.

Alocasia Zebrina


Plants with the next zebra motif of the Alocasia type. This plant has simple leaves. But different from the stems of this plant that has a striped motif with white and green colors like zebra animals. Leaves that are still as simple as possible without a motif remain beautifully viewed with the same shape as other types.

Calathea Orbifolia


This is an ornamental plant that is much loved by lovers of ornamental plants. Because of its beauty and uniqueness that steal the attention. This pant is a plant native to Bolivia with large, sturdy leaves with a pattern almost like metallic. These Calathea leaves are round and rough silver, with zebra-like striped motif.

Silver Vase Plant


A planting that looks exotic with a zebra-like leaf motif is very beautiful to fill the corner with the room in the house.

This type of Aechmea Fasciata has a silvery green and white leaf foliage with a downward curved shape. This bright pink flower will be a very long period and long period of time.

Super white zebra


It is known as Haworthia Fasciata. Plants that have horizontal stripes such as scatters have properties similar to Aloe. Annual plants with a small size will not be more than 10 cm tall. Triangular shaped leaves with a green color and narrow lines have white flowers that come out in October and November.

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