7 Beautiful Indoor Plants for Girl's Bedroom

7 Beautiful Indoor Plants for Girl's Bedroom

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants can provide a fresh impression for interior space. Especially if placed in the bedroom, plant can reduce indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. The plants will make you fell fresher and can also increase the feeling of calm. Putting ornamental plants in the bedroom is also very helpful to purify the air in the room, so it is cleaner.

You can consider ornamental plants for the bedroom of attractive women and help refreshment, here is a review:



The firs ornamental plant that you can put in the bedroom is croton. If you know this plant is a plant from the southeast, breast milk that complexes in and various ranging from plants, shrubs to trees. Plant has quite a lot of type you can choose with a distinctive color of yellow patterned red and green.

Pink Philodendron


Ornamental plants named pink princess or pink philodendron has a heart shape leaf with a combination of dark green and pink color. Plants whose leaf surface has a wax coating to make it appear shiny. The width of the leaves that can reach a length of 22 cm with a width of 12 m The pink color of this plant is improved due to the lack of green leaf substances or chlorophyll, so that as a leaf also needs photosynthetic.

Including the type of tropical plants that can grow beautifully indoors.

Calathea White Fusion


Calathea ornamental plants include tropical species that have unique features in the leaves. Well, one of these calathea white fusion skins. Beautiful leaves patterns multicolored is a mixture of white, green and purple. The top surface of this leaf has a beautiful white pattern, while the bottom has a bright enough for or pink hue. With proper care and care, you can see it growing large with amazing leaf colors.

Anthurium Andraeanum


Next is an indoor plant that is suitable for your bedroom in the house is an Anthurium commonly called flamingo flowers. This plant has a very romantic flower, shiny red color shape, in addition it also has straight yellowish-white horns in the middle.

This type of Anthurium can help eliminate air pollution in the house, you can place it on the window sill to create a beautiful contrast.

Tradescantia Tricolour


The next type of indoor ornamental plant that you can choose is Tradescantia Tricolor. This plant is actually also suitable for planting directly in the soil. Having three shades of white, green and pink, this plant looks refreshing with oval and glossy shaped leaves. You can plant this plant that grows well throughout the year with a good rate of adaptation every season.

Mosntera Adansonii


Monstera Adansonii plant is a vine that is suitable as a trellis plant. Plants that match the indirect sun are very appropriate if you make indoor plants a bedroom. You can recognize this Monstera Adansonii plant in different details that other types. The shape of oval leaves and perforated without sticking fingers is very suitable for you to plant in a pot and supported with a pole.



The last plant that you can make an option to make the interior of the bedroom more attractive and fresh is succulent. Hanging succulent plants such as string of pearls, string of turtle and other types you can choose to fill the interior with the bedroom. Place this plant on the windowsill or by adding a display rack along the walls of the room.

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