7 Awesome Hanging Baskets of Flowering Plants

7 Awesome Hanging Baskets of Flowering Plants

Homiful.com -- Assembling a hanging faucet at home is not difficult. You will be satisfied with the result of beautiful hanging plants for around the house, especially the window area or the terrace of the house.

But in the flowering in a hanging basket also has its own challenges. Especially when the wind is strong, that could have put your plant down and destroyed, but this you can overcome in several ways, one of which uses a heavy pot, using a strong hanging rope and not easily fragile. Well some amazing ideas about flower plants in this hanging basket you can see in the following review: 

Viola, Million bells and sweet asylum


Known for its beautiful ornamental planting, this types of viola, A million bells and sweet asylum is very popular to be used as a hanging plant in your basket at home. Ornamental flowers that bloom throughout the season you can arrange neatly on the edge of the window of the house with eco-friendly pots of coconut fiber. Make sure the size is large to accommodate this type of ornamental flower.

Geranium on the porch of the house


Geranium is one of the most beautiful hanging basket plants to try. For reasons of striking flower crown color and crown shape wide enough to meet one content of the basket. You can combine this plant with other ornamental flowers that will produce beautiful colors, such as Lobelia or a Million bells.

Windowsill with hanging anthurium plant


There are several known types of anthurium such as Alocasia, Anthurium Andreanum or Anthurium Plowmanii. Well this type of Andreanum Anthurium has a romantic flower with heart shape and shiny. This plant is very good to be placed around the house which can eliminate pollution in the air in the house.

You can place this around a window that is not used as air access. So that it can be used to place plants so that from the outside it looks beautiful.

Begonia plant


Talk about plant that are easy to care for. Begonia varieties grow large in sunlight or in shade. This will make it more beautiful if planted in a hanging basket. Because this plant will grow full in a pot, you can choose a basket that is large without having to replace for a while.

Do not have to be in the house or around the porch of the house, you can also put in the yard of the garden so that the beautiful look with  a bright red and color look sweet.

Charming hanging rose


Next is an ornamental rose that can be used as a hanging plant in the basket. Actually, you can choose to hake or stick it on the surface of the wall in the house. Both of them ways remain beautiful and make your home more exotic.

Hanging petunia


Petunia have grown tremendously in recent years. The color that looks outside can create beauty or outside your rash.

In addition to hanging on the side of the terrace of the house, you can bring it up from the direction of the window of the house like this. This method is enough to reduce the plant place for you who narrow the land. Petunia plants that are many colors can choose at will to please your days.

Million bells


Calibrachoa is known for its million bells, which are very favorites to be placed in hanging baskets. Millions of bells hanging in your house, this time will be very beautiful and refreshing in the morning. Take good care of him so that the flowers can be enjoyed every day.

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