7 Absolutely amazing living room design ideas

Homiful.com -- The living room can be said to be the most frequently used space. That's where you entertain guests, where to watch a TV show or even a seat for a moment after a busy day. 

Usually, the living room is also the leading room after the main door. Therefore, you need to choose the right design and decorating ideas, so that the living room becomes a welcoming room that gives you positive energy. 

You can see inspiration of 7 Absolutely amazing living room design ideas. These 7 living room design images are so stunning, but realistic enough to be realized in everyone's home.

Warm and Intimate Living Room Design


When the rainy season or winter comes, you may just want to be indoors. Sit back and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in the living room. Create a warm and intimate living room like this. Put a big velvet rug in the center of the living room to create a warm and cozy feeling. You can also place sofa throws that will make you even warmer.

Coastal Peach Living Room Design


Switch to a living room design that will make you smile. This living room if filled with peach coastal colors that look sweet and fresh. The soft gray sofa presents a very interesting color contrast. The living room is even more special with this unique and prominent peach stool.

Plant arrangements that make it special


Take a look at this living room design! Imagine if there were no plants around. This small living room will look plain and empty. In fact, plants can have a big impact on a small living room. Arrange the plant in the right position to give the impression of a fresh and more vibrant space.

Small living room design with maximum lighting


This living room is simple. With only two seats and a small wooden bench as a living room seat. Even so, the lighting is maximized here. The living room is designed with a creamy wall paint and high windows that allows more light to enter and enliven the room. For the night, ceiling panel lights, a corner lamp and simple chandelier are enough to light up every corner.

Yellow Accents for A Bright and Happy Living Room


Avoid monotony by adding a favorite color into the living room. Try incorporating yellow as an accent in the living room. You can put yellow cushions, a yellow round rug, yellow sofa throws and other little yellow things. Yellow accents will make a living room look so bright and give you a positive impression.

Elegant monochrome living room design


Monochrome does give a modern, elegant impression in a living room. You can make white walls and make black as the color of the furniture in the living room. White walls and a black couch work well together to create a cool monochromatic living room look.

Play with Living Room Furniture Sizes


Play with combination of furniture sizes in the living room. Too many small items will make the room messy, while too many large items will take spaces. Choose a combination of big and small furniture that is balanced. For example, a 2-seater sofa with a small coffee table in front and on the side is a pretty fitting combination.

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