6 Creative Ideas to Recycle Your Used Items as Home Decorations

Homiful.com -- Stop! Don't throw your used items or something that you think as a waste! Did you know that some used items can be reused into something more useful? You can make your used items into a planter to cheap but cool seating. So, if you think you want to get creative with waste, here are 6 Creative Ideas to Recycle Your Used Items as Home Decorations.

Drink cans for planters


Don't throw away your drink cans! You can make it as planters for your succulents. These succulents seem to pop up from the drink cans. Moreover, if the drink-cans have good picture on it, then your small-space garden with these succulents will look so adorable.

Plastic container as carrot planter


Take the carrots from the plastic container. Wait, if you want to try growing carrots on kitchen windowsills, try using a plastic container for it. Cut a quarter of the stems of the carrots, place them in a plastic container with very little water. Let the stem grow its leaf like this. When it's strong enough, you can re-potting the carrots into bigger pots.

Stool made of old tires, why not?


Stools from waste tires. Used tires can be reused into beautiful and unique furniture like this. Utilization of waste with creativity can produce such a pair of stools that chic and functional. To make them, you just need used tires, canvas, and iron buffers.

A glass for your lucky bamboo


Did you think, you have too many glass cups in your home? Well, you can use one of them as a home for your lucky bamboo plant. Lucky bamboo can live in the water like this one. You just need to change the water every 2 to 4 weeks. You can place a lucky bamboo plant on the table as home decorations.

Painting barrel table and chairs


If you are willing to put in enough time, effort and money, you can get this beautiful set of chairs and table. They are made from used barrels that are beautifully painted in a refreshing tropical pattern. Don't worry, the wooden base still make you able to sit on it and placed a cup of favorite coffee. These painting barrel table and chairs are perfect for your terrace seating.

Outdoor seating from wood and old barrels


Have enough used barrels? Why not turn it into an outdoor seating like this one above? The barrel was overthrown and given a wooden plank to sit on. The bottom of the barrel is legged to prevent it from rolling over. Give decorative color paint and anti-rust paint to make it resistant to outdoor weather.

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