Perfect Trailing Succulent for Planting in Hanging Baskets

Perfect Trailing Succulent for Planting in Hanging Baskets --Hanging succulents become one of the desired ornamental plants because they are popular. Low maintenance is also consideration for some people to take care of this plant. Not to mention if added with another beautiful dimension to every room in the house.

For those of you fans of hanging succulents, definitely want what type of succulent year is suitable and good to be placed indoors. You don't have to worry about what succulents you can choose. Just look at some best trailing succulent lists that are good for rooms in the house such as kitchen, living room to balcony. 

Sting of Bananas - Senecio Radicans


This banana sting has many names and comes from South Africa. This plant that can grow up to three feet has green and pointed leaves that flow into each stem. 

Fleshy leaves with a beautiful appearance, these leaves look like small bananas. It does nor range against rot when there is too much water, so the plant is tolerant to drought.

String of Pearls


It can be called a string of beads or a rosary plant. These succulent and trailing plants can grow up to three feet. 

This includes plant derived from African power coals and similar to Senecio Herreianus. This plant has leaves that form teardrops. It's round, fleshy leaves make it look like small oval shape beads attached to a rope.

Ruby Necklace - Othonna Capensis


Ruby necklaces include succulents from South Africa add are members of sunflower. This plant has long, fleshy leaves similar to nuts. You can find this plant with beautiful colors such as green, purple to burgundy. If it blooms, a beautiful yellow flower will look like a daisy's flowers with elongated round petals.

Sedum Morganianum


The Donkey's tail or Sedum Morganioum is perennial succulent form the southern regions of Mexico and Honduras. If seen, this plant is quite similar to Burito Sedum. But the tail of this donkey grow longer. With fat, small fleshy leaves. This succulent plant also includes flower plant that bloom with small flowers at the end of the stem.

Sedum Burrito


Sedum Burito is a succulent plant native to southern Mexico and is known to grow 3.3 feet. Short green blue leaves and fleshy become one of its characteristics. This sedum burito succulent plant can produce flowers during the pen season and are usually pink or red.

Including plants that are tolerant to drought, this plant is also good under the heat of the sun. You can also put in a house that grows well if mixed with other succulents in one container.

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