Most Beautiful Indoor Plant Arrangement Ideas -- A house decorated with plants is a happy house. You can bring some indoor plants that will make the living space more lively, fresh and beautiful. Choose the best spot and best arrangement, so the indoor plants, and a living space worth to look at. A living space with indoor plants can be the best place to escape for a while from busy routine. You can take your time, and enjoy the time to take care of your indoor plants.

For you, we've rounded up the Most Beautiful Indoor Plant Arrangement Ideas. Hopefully, those ideas will inspire you.

Hang the indoor plants near the window


Pothos and some type of vines are one of the best indoor plant to your home. The interesting thing is that you can use plants with dangling leaves as green curtains. Just hang the pothos above the window, and let them grow lush. The more lush, the leaves will grow dangling and make it more like a natural curtain, so your living room is more shady.

Make a corner of the house as a snake plants garden


Snake plants are low-maintenance plant that give a big statement into your living space. Thanks to its leaves that grow upright and stiff. Not to mention, its amazing benefits for purifying the air. You can arrange the snake plants in terracotta pots. Arrange them in wooden plant holder with a multilevel arrangement. And, you'll have a snake plant garden that look so unique.

Arrange on the left and right sides of the sofa


Only a sofa without balanced decor will make the living room look empty. Fill it by putting indoor plants. Prepare coffee tables as plant holders. Place them on the left and right of the sofa. You can choose an additional woven planter to make the indoor plant blend with other soft furnishings in the living room.

Vertical Garden at The Balcony


Balcony is also the best spot to take care of the plants. Adequate sunshine and the breeze will make you easily bored in the balcony. You can make use of the balcony walls as vertical garden. Arrange some plant such as some types of fern attach to the walls. The more lush, the vertical garden will be greener.

Arrange indoor plants in special showcase stage


You can make a tiny indoor garden like this one. This indoor garden also acts as a showcase stage for your favorite indoor plants. Make use of the small space by creating a square that is filled with white pebbles, wooden deck and indoor plants. Wooden stage make the indoor plants even more special.

Arrange an indoor plant on top of dining table


Look at this minimalist dining room! If you do not put any decorations, the dining room will look so-so. Add a splash of life by placing a potted plant on top of the dining table. Place this indoor plant in the center of the dining table, in line with the rustic lampshade on it. The light will also help to highlight this indoor plant.

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