Minimalist Tiny House that Prove that Less is More


Minimalist Tiny House that Prove that Less is More -- Minimalist style room interior design is certainly one of the goals of many people for home things. Based on the basis because of the small land, building a small house can also save furniture so that you do not just reduce objects in the room. To find a dream home, that becomes an important part when decorating the house. See Minimalist Tiny House that Prove that Less is More below:

Show the concept of space

When choosing to build a small, minimalist house that is timeless. You can consider the concept of space first. For example, Japanese, Scandinavian or Modern.

Set up space layout

There is no need to make the interior as beautiful as striking. If you have a house like this, it's good to be a functional space. Organize the layout of the space by specifying privacy and public areas. In addition, you can choose the concept of space appropriately until the furniture to be used.

Look at the whole material

you can determine the space material that will be used when you have a small house. If you choose a simple Japanese style, wood is the main material to complement the surrounding furniture. So you can choose another additional furniture so that the space looks harmonious and dynamic.

Specify a lighting point

Because the small size tends to be more stuffy and feel full. So to overcome the limitations of space to look natural, provide ventilation equipment that you can place at some point in the house. Air and light can enter more intensely.

Maximize the corner area and give it texture

The completeness of space will not be fulfilled if there is still an area around that appears empty, unfilled for other uses. For maximum, you can use the corner in the house to be a functional place. Give a little texture form the use of sliding doors with iron frames to impress more modern.

Functionalize for more space

So as not to be wasted. You can create some areas around the house. For example, around this kitchen. In addition to cooking, you can make a relaxing place with nook windows and workspace. Be sure to add ventilation to keep the air in to its fullest.

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