Minimalist Home Tour - A realistic minimalist home to realize -- A minimalist house is always easy to realize. Because the concept of less is more, even with simple and limited-amount of furniture, you can have a minimalist home that feel cozy and comfortable. Somehow, the less ''stuff'' you have at home will make you save on budget. 

Some image ideas from Instagram do look promising. But the more interesting, the harder it is to realize. As a result, inspiration is just wishful thinking. But we don't want that to happen. Here are we present Minimalist Home Tour - A realistic minimalist home to realize.


An open kitchen near the small garden

photo by itacit

The kitchen can be the heart of your home. In this place, you prepare a hearty meal for yourself and your family. Make the kitchen the best place to cook and enjoy time together. You can make an open kitchen near the small garden. The roof is left open or using skylight to make natural light able to brighten up the kitchen  and garden space. This way, you'll get a space that look so comfy.

Under-bed drawers

If you have a small bedroom space, we recommend that you choose the type of bed with under-bed drawers. Under-bed drawers help you to save more items on the small bedroom.

A bedroom with natural color

photo by itacit

There are many benefits of using natural color to the room. It is easy to adopt and easy to get in any part of the world. Left the floor and walls on white or neutral color as a base color of the room. Then, you can choose bedsheet in terracotta color to add a splash of natural color. It is also a good idea to use natural-made furniture, such as woven rug, rattan chair, rattan basket and more.

Simple arrangement living room

A simple one is always easy to make. You can try to adapt this kind of living room arrangement for your home. Vinyl flooring adds a warm and comfortable atmosphere to the room. Just a couch, single sofas and rug as seating in the living room. This arrangement also makes the living room look spacious.

TV place setup

photo by itacit

The design of a TV place like this is certainly easy to realize. You only need a wooden TV table equipped with a cabinet to store some items. On both sides, place greenery as decoration. You can put a simple rug as relaxing seat on this TV.


Brighten up the space

If possible, don't let the ceiling look so empty. It is a great idea to hang a chandelier in the center of the ceiling. The lamp not only make the ceiling more vibrant, but it will also brighten up the space.


The terrace with pair of rattan chairs

photo by itacit

If you still have enough outside space, you can make it as outdoor relaxing space. Just place a pair of rattan chairs as seating in the terrace. You can arrange the plants neatly lined on the side of the terrace. Then, you'll get a simple but cozy outdoor relaxing space.

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