Garden With Little Space : Ideas of How to Have a Small and Beautiful Garden

Garden With Little Space : Ideas of How to Have a Small and Beautiful Garden -- Not everyone has a large land to make a garden at home. But to overcome this and create unique creativity, you can try new things so that your home environment looks beautiful and attractive. See Garden With Little Space : Ideas of How to Have a Small and Beautiful Garden:

Garden with a circular shape

So that the maximum. You can use the land around the house to be used as a place for plants. Make a garden pattern with a circular shape that is bounded by coral stones. You can combine pots and made like spilled flowers to make it more aesthetic.

Hanging garden with used bottles

You can create a creative garden at home in this way. Use used bottles to be used as plant containers and paint the outside with bright colors. You can use this used bottle to be used as a place for ornamental plants or flowers that bloom throughout the season.

Use the pipeline

A new variant to make the garden beautiful on the next narrow land is this way. Using unused plumbing, you can simply perforate one pipe as many as 3 holes. Cut one pipe stem to be made into 3 - 4 different pieces like the picture above.

Dry garden concept in the corner of the house

Dry garden design is quite popular, and you can make it an interesting idea. Make a small garden in the corner of a Moroccan-style house, marked by cheerful and bright colors. Even with just a few plants, you can make a small land covered in newspaper rocks to look aesthetic. Combine it also with a hanging garden to make it beautifully visible from a distance. 

Hanging rack of wood panels

Prepare one side of your wall at home to be used as an efficient and practical plant place. Make a plant rack from wood panels with three levels. You can hang it on a strong hook so that it does not fall easily.

Not only for ornamental plants, you can choose herbal plant such as rosemary, mint, celery and basil.

Flower bed with roster

You can start growing ornamental plants at home easily using this method. Flower beds from this roster will look unique and beautiful if filled using geranium or lavender flowers that are believed to repel mosquitoes.

Unique and beautiful with tree model pots

This last was very easy you can imitate and flexible to be placed inside or the walls of the yard of the house. This hanging plant is placed according to the frame of the tree that it looks attractive. You can choose begonia plant or petunias whose flowers bloom beautifully.

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