Cactus Ideas: 6 Ways to Welcome These Prickly Plants -- Cacti are special plants. It can grow tall with thorns on its body. In addition, some types of cacti tend to be low-maintenance plants, making it easier for you to take care of them.  These prickly plants will also give a sharp and big statement wherever you put it. 

If you are interested in this thorny plants, you can welcome it in various ways. You can use cactus as a highlight of your garden, a desert garden design and backdrop for your outdoor space. For more ideas, we've gathered Cactus Ideas: 6 Ways to Welcome These Prickly Plants.

1. Cactus for a Better Nook

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Your nook will look better if you decide to make it as a mini cactus gallery. This nook is made in a rustic style. Walls and cactus planter have a rough texture, that make it look so rustic. Cactus plants that stand upright give a more sharp look to this nook. Make anyone who sees it stunned.

2. Desert Garden with Cactus and Succulents

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Make a unique inner court by designing a desert garden like this one. This garden contains dry soil that is suitable as growing medium for cacti and succulents around it. You can even make miniature desert valleys to make it look like a real desert (in your house).

3. Use a Simple Plant Stand

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If you are a cactus lover, show your love for them! Dedicate a special area for the cactus. You just need to arrange your cactus collection on this simple plant stand. This plant stand is made of wood with a tiered arrangement. Allows you to display the cactus perfectly.

4. A Highlight of Your Front Yard Garden

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Do you feel like the center of your garden looks empty? Try to make this euphorbia "Cowboy cactus" as a highlight of your garden. Cowboy cacti can grow tall and towering. Utilize unused equipment as a planter that makes the cactus grow upright. For example, used tires filled with soil and white pebbles on it.

5. Cactus as Backdrop of Living Space

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Present a fresh and different atmosphere on your living space. Behind the L-permanent bench, there is still space to place the cacti. Arrange the cactus according to the available layout. Add a dim spotlight around the cactus, and voilĂ , you'll have a stunning cactus backdrop.

6. Cactus Backdrop Around The Pool

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Cacti are special. It can grow tall like this, giving you a natural barrier that prevents unwanted things from entering your home through the backyard. These cacti also add a 'fresh barren' impression to this backyard with a swimming pool. 

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