Best Plant for the Living Room

Best Plant for the Living Room -- This back ornamental plant is often used as decoration in the room in the house. The reason is quite simple, because ornamental plants can have a big influence on the room to be more alive and full of freshness. 

Adding ornamental plants into the space will also bring a variety of shapes and colors and a different atmosphere. In addition to playing a role in cleaning the air, plant are also able to eliminate the impression of empty into the space. 

Then what plants are suitable to be placed in the living room at home, see the Best Plants for the Living Room below:

Golden Photos


This golden photos plant is one of the ornamental plants that are suitable for beginners lovers of ornamental plants. This smooth, heart-shaped leaf looks shiny because it has a wax coating. Although the treatment is easy, you should keep away from pets and children.

In addition, you can make this plant for indoor or outdoor that is commonly planted around the tree to spread and stick to the trunk of the tree.

Peace Lily


Peace lilies become one of the favorite indoor plants that are perfect for beautifying the living room. Plant that have beautiful flowers with white color the shape of this spoon have stalks that tend to be long.

You can take good care of it, place it near the window to receive direct sunlight.

Rubber Plant


Rubber plant is an option because it is an ornamental plant that can live in a dim light environment. But you can give the right light when placing it in the room. Make sure to keep the soil moist so that fertility can be obtained.



You can make the interior of the living room in the house more tropical with dramatic, but does not have many bright places in the house. Plants that tend to like low light and thrive in average humidity and prefer dryness have easy treatment as well.

Spider Plant


Spider plant is a plant with the scientific name Chlorophytum Comosum. This ornamental plant is able to grow up to 60 cm tall, you can plant in pots in spaces such as living rooms and bedroom. The benefits are quite a lot to clean the air and able to absorb benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and other chemical.



This plant known as Sansevieria has upright and thick leaves with thorns at the ends. Ornamental plant that are no less beautiful than other types are suitable to be used as ornamental plants in the living room. You can choose several types of Sansevieria plants that are diverse and useful for cleaning the air in the house.

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