7 Windowsill Decor Ideas with Plants

7 Windowsill Decor Ideas with Plants

Homiful.com -- Windowsills are the main and most serious real estate at home. Not only to maintain the perfect balance around the house, windowsills become one way to give a fresh effect and dirty free air at home. Windowsills become one of the right areas to put new plants as an option and consideration of home decor. Plants like anything that deserves to be used as decoration and windowsills ideas at home, check out some of the following plants!

Succulent plants


You can choose one of the various types of indoor plants, namely this succulent. Here you can be satisfied to put succulents freely and neatly. Because succulent are a type of cactus plant that is resistant to being placed indoors or outdoors, you can be sure if this plant gets good sunlight. And you can pay attention to the moisture of the soil by not excessive so that the roots are not easily rotten.

A group of Philodendron and Cacti


The following windowsills decorating idea is with philodendron hanging plants. You can choose some type of Philodendron with several cacti. Both of these plants are very strong and durable plants if exposed to direct sunlight or indoors. Because of its strength and good durability, this plant is perfect for beginners like you who love ornamental plants.

Vegetable seeding place


Windowsills should not be used as plant dwellings only. You can make these windowsills for vegetables seedlings that are easy to grow when exposed to the sun indirectly. Besides being easy for seedlings and growth, the windowsills' area is very interesting as a place to decorate several other plants such as cacti, or kitchen herbs.

Leftover vegetables by growing water media


To make use of the side of cooked vegetables rather than having to be thrown away in vain. You can use planting media with water or hydroponic systems that are very easy to grow. This method becomes very fast for vegetable or fruit plants if placed around windowsills.

Small vegetable garden


The windowsills' area becomes very functional because it can be used as a place for vegetables and ornamental plants. One of them is for the growth of vegetable crops that have begun to develop and are ready to harvest. This will be easy for those of you who put vegetables plants near the kitchen. Do not suck out of the house, you just need to turn around to pick vegetables and cook them directly. 

A crowd of plant readies to move


Windowsills is also one of the places used to start growing plants blossoming until approaching the day of moving to larger pots. You can choose various types of seed plants such as sunflowers to other herbal plants.

Urban plant windowsill


With a simple concept, you can create urban planting around a windowsill. Just two to three plants, you can choose plants that have large leaves with a thick green color that emits little light when exposed to sunlight.

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