7 Types Of Urban Herb Gardens That Need No Space

Homiful.com -- Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we are spending more and more time at home. To fill activities in our free time while at home, gardening becomes an activity that can make us happy. Gardening does not have to be on large land, even in a narrow land does not matter.

Get learn about 7 Types of urban herb gardens that need no space below!

Plant racks with easy-to-move wheels


Many ways to get around the small size of land, one of which is by using plant shelf facilities. This plant rack model is equipped with wheel feature that make it easier for you when going to move it. Very functional, isn't it?

Sticking to the fence


To help you maximize the space of the land, use the fence area to design a mini garden. The trick is easy, put some plants on a wooden shelf attached to the fence.

Urban Herb Gardens in Balcony


You don't need a lot of land for gardening. Take advantage of your balcony area for fun gardening activities. Use the media box to keep it neat.

Using the Vertical garden concept


Vertical garden becomes one solution to get around for those of you who have a small land size. Make it easy, and you can apply it right away at home. You can hang plants on the walls in a rowdy manner.

Herb gardens in the kitchen


Carrying the concept of a outdoor kitchen, which is located in the backyard, you can at once use for gardening. In addition to helping you save space, both activities can run more effectively and efficiently.

Herb gardens on the corner of the terrace


If you usually leave the corner of the terrace unused. Now on, you can use it as a gardening area. Also use some plant racks to help the mini garden stay organized.

Herb gardens on the front porch


In addition to being used to welcome guest, the front porch can also be used for gardening. You can put herb plants among houseplants that will certainly make the terrace look more beautiful. The presence of greenery also makes the whole house feel cooler.

That's the 7 types of urban herb gardens that need no space that can inspire you. I hope the information above is useful to you. Thank you.

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