7 Types Of Indoor Palm Plants


Homiful.com -- There are several types of palm plants that you can choose to decorate the house. In addition to being used as a home page shade, there types of palms that you ca place in the room. 

The existence of indoor plants in the dwelling able to be every corner of the room looks more elegant and of course the air in the room feels cooler. Here are 7 types of indoor plants that you can plant at home.

1. Livistona Chinensis


The first indoor palm plant was a plant with the Latin name Livistona chinensis. The leaves are shaped like fans, this plant able to grow in high  or low altitudes. It has a shorht stem, so you can plant it in a pot.

2. Ponytail palm


Having a short tree shape, this plant is suitable to be placed on the surface on the table. While the leaves are elongated curls that area aesthetic.

3. Licuala Grandis


The third type of palm has a round leaf model with a beautiful line model. This plant is one of the best recommendations for you to make as an indoor plants in the corner of the room.

4. Cyrtostachys lakka becc


This palm plant belongs to one type of palm that has a unique look. The stems of these leaves are a beautiful bright red color. Suitable to make the atmosphere of your home feel cooler.

5. Areca Palm


Areca palm is one type of palm plant that is popular. This plant has the ability as a good air filter. It becomes the best recommendation for indoor palm plants.

6. Bamboo palms


Bamboo palms not only have beautiful visuals, but also strong, This plant can live in low sunlight conditions, so it is suitable to be placed in the room such as the living room to the room.

7Lady palms

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The last type of indoor palm plants is lady palm. It has a beautiful leaf shape. This plant can clean the air naturally, and the treatment is easy.

That's 7 types of indoor palm plants that you can choose to plant at home. From the type above. Which is your favorite?

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