7 Terraced House Living Room Ideas & Photos


Homiful.com -- The living room becomes one of the rooms that must be owned by every house. Almost all the time you can spend time with family, to entertain guests who come to visit. For those of you who have a small house, the terrace can also be used as a living room and ca be the best solution to make the whole house look more spacious.

How to create an outdoor living room? The following are 7 terraced house living room ideas & photos that you can uses as inspirations.

Terraced house living room with tropical concept


The living room of the first terrace has a tropical concept. This concept is very visible from the selection of environmentally friendly furniture such as wood. Also present some greenery around it for more beautiful atmosphere.

Terraced house living room with transparent roof


The selection of the roof of the terrace becomes something that you should not miss. The use of transparent roof allows natural lighting to enter to the maximum. While the hexagonal shaped floor makes the terrace look more aesthetic.

Outdoor living room with attractive lighting


Create an outdoor living room that is so charming using attractive lighting. Use a chandelier with warm light color that will make that atmosphere of the living room look more dramatic. Combine it with down light as the main lighting at night.

Outdoor living room with a touch of wood


The following outdoor living room concept is made with the use of elegant wooden furniture. Wood material will stand out when you combine it with white on the wall. While the decoration of green plants makes the atmosphere of the terrace cooler.

Living room on rustic-style terrace


The following living room ideas look beautiful with rustic themed decorations. The use of decorations made from rattan to wooden chairs makes the atmosphere of the room more home. Combine with the garden of the fence to beautify the look of the terrace.

Minimalist living room with roster walls


One of the criteria of a healthy home is that the air circulation system runs better. You can make it happen through the use of roster walls. In addition to making the air cooler, natural lighting can enter through the cracks of the walls. Even the living room is brighter.

Outdoor living room with fishpond


The presence of water elements in the dwelling proved to be able to make the residential atmosphere more soothing. The living room on this terrace in addition to being used to receive guests, you can also use it as a place to relax and full of comfort.

That's 7 terraced house living room ideas & photos that can inspire you. From the design above, which is your favorite?

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