7 Stunning Ideas to Recycle Plastic Bottles

7 Stunning Ideas to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Homiful.com --  Plastic is one of the items used for many purposes, This is what causes the buildup of plastic waste that is very often found on the side of the road and thrown away. Instead of throwing it away, you can use it to be recycled into valuables. One of them as a place for plants that can restore the environment to be cleaner and a beautiful atmosphere. You can do this recycling en masse or individually, starting form the home environment.

Well so that used plastic bottle of drinks or whatever is not used, you can make it for plant places. As for what the ideas is, check put the interesting idea below:

Plastic bottles with Portulaca plants


Use your used plastic bottles for plant places. You can perforate plastic in a horizontal direction. Sleep a plastic bottle before perforating it for easy. Plastic to perforate the bottle as a way of water so as not to pool and instead make the roots more rotten.

You can choose a type of portulaca ornamental plant that has many beautiful flower colors and beautiful leaves.

Hanging succulent with plastic bottles


The next ideas is still with ornamental plants in plastic bottles. You can use the concept of hanging or placing succulent plants on the windowsill like this. It's very easy to try. You just need to trim half the top bottle, then decorate the outside with beautiful painting to make it more attractive.

Hang plastic plant bottles on the fence


In addition to the place of plants only, you can use this plastic bottle to be used as place to flush plants. Well this way you can also imitate first. Create a vertical concept by hanging on the fence, arrange the bottle into 2-3 levels. This makes it easier for you when watering because the water will flow from level 1 to the lowest level of the bottle cap.

Colorful plastic bottles


Instead of making your plastic bottle on the side of the road, now you can use it as a place for ornamental plants, ranging from plastic drink bottles or ice cream cups you can choose both. Make the decoration of the room or terrace of your home, paint this plastic bottle with bright and striking colors. The choice of plants you can adjust to the size of plastic to be balanced.

Terrarium bottle


Actually the type of bottle you can find in your home either plastic or glass. You can have plastic bottles that resembles glass to be used as plants in water to terrarium like this.

Plants with propagation water


This time you can use a used bottles of your drink to be used as propagation water plant like this. Choose a type of plant that is easy to grow roots, such as philodendron or other vines.

Philodendron in a plastic bottle


Well this is very easy for you to try to imitate at home. You can fill this used drink bottle with soil or just water to grow the roots. Make sure to equalize the use of bottles in order to improve the environment clean from garbage.

Take advantage of what you can get from using this used plastic bottle quite a lot. In addition to helping protect the environment, it can also reduce the accumulation of waste.

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