7 Stunning Container Garden Ideas

7 Stunning Container Garden Ideas

Homiful.com -- To recreate the design of an interesting and amazing new flower pot, you can try some of the following review. List of plants you can list first to determine the planting pot that is as happy, and you can make the choice. Just go ahead, check out the magical and interesting garden containers below:

Antique container model garden train


This new antique model you can make a container to fill herbal plants, You can get items like this in an antique store that is not used. If just for the place of plants, make sure to choose the type of plant that is easy to care for and can be used as a container.

Idea container for vegetables


If you choose the concept of a vegetable garden at home for greening. Using an idealistic container, you can try. Plastic materials are very effective for you to get in various florist or home appliances. The choice of types of vegetable plants such as tomatoes, chilies, mustard you can try planting in this plastic container.

Ceramic containers for flower plants such as roses


Flower plants such as rose will be very beautifully placed in luxurious containers and look classy. Well, one of them, you can choose a glossy container from a unique ceramic. Use the appropriate size so that it grows quickly and in inhibited.

Mix daisy flower container garden ideas


Daisy flower will be interesting if you grow them in one container. You can choose an antique container that is shabby in the shape of a cup. Model containers like this you can place in the middle of the table or in the middle of a small waterfall.

Platerbag containers for plants in pots


The next container idea that you can make an option is from a strong plastic material, commonly called platerbag. Choose a platerbag with a size that is suitable for the plant. Starting from small, medium to large sizes you can choose. This platerbag container is also very flexible to move anywhere, because it has two hangers like bags on the side.

Tower model iron container


Create a unique design for new containers in the house you can choose. One of them is a tower model with a square shape that has a long bulkhead to make plants grow straight up and regularly. This square container also has a water hole to drain water outside the container so as not to make the roots of the plant rot.

Eco-friendly containers of rattan


Eco-friendly containers ideas that you can easily find in various places are containers of rattan materials. Choose the size of rattan container by adjusting the size of the plant. You can use a variety of ornamental plants to vegetables, though.

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