7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make the Most of a Tiny Space

Homiful.com -- Did you know that you can turn an ordinary kitchen into a more functional and beautiful kitchen, even in a tiny space? It's not the time to feel limited because you have a small kitchen. A little creativity and the right arrangement, a small kitchen will make the kitchen look beautiful and trendy. You can also have a full set of kitchen appliances on the small kitchen.

Make the most of a small kitchen with these versatile ideas. These ideas will help you to remodel your small kitchen without even need to change the big structure on it. Here are 7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make the Most of a Tiny Space.

Pick white and yellow combinations for bright and spacious impression.


Even if you have a kitchen in a tiny space, choose the right combination color for the kitchen. Small corner kitchen in white composition gives the impression of a more spacious and clean kitchen space. Add your favorite color as an accent, such as yellow. The yellow color on cabinet door, cookware and cutlery makes the kitchen brighter, cheerful and positively energized.

Effective small galley kitchen


Adding a small table in front of the countertop will make you have a galley kitchen. The addition of his table is very useful. You can use the table as a prep area, breakfast table and a table as a kitchen divider with other living spaces. Just place a stool right in front of the table, and you'll have a mini bar table to enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee.

Remove upper cabinets replace with floating shelves


Too much upper cabinets will make a small kitchen in a tiny space look crowded and stuffy. Make the kitchen get a more of natural light and fresh air by replacing the upper cabinets to floating shelves. Floating shelves make the kitchen more spacious enough. You can make it as spices rack, plates rack and more. Floating spices rack will make you easy when you want to get the spices and intend to spice up the cuisine.

Hollow wall for display spots


You can decorate the kitchen in a tiny space. If you don't want the kitchen wall to have too many display on a floating shelf, think other creative ideas. For example, make the hollow walls for display spot. In there, you can put many ornamental flowers to beautify the kitchen. This way, you'll also have a more open ventilation to provide a better air circulation in the kitchen.

Keep it simple and neat


Try not to put a lot things on your countertop. Besides looking cluttered, you will lose space to prepare dishes. For that, make sure all kitchen items are neatly arranged in storage, either cabinets or floating shelf. This way, a small kitchen will look so neat and clean.

Get super-organized storage


Instead of installing the upper cabinets, the owner maximizes storage by placing several shelves and container boxes on the kitchen floor. Some container boxes are designed under the countertop, so it resembles under table cabinets. The shelves and boxes serve to put a variety of cooking utensils and kitchen spices. The furniture designs and kitchen decorations are also chosen in baby pink and pastel colors to make the kitchen looks cute.

Hang some kitchen appliances on the walls


In addition to install floating shelves, you can make the most of a tiny kitchen by hanging kitchen appliances on the wall. This way, the wall have a double duty. It's a perfect place to place handy and most used kitchen appliances. Then, you can decorate the kitchen with your favorite theme decor. You can try to install all-pink soft furnishings and all-pink kitchen appliances.

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