7 Plant Shelf Ideas You'll Want to Copy Now

Homiful.com -- When you don't have a lot of land, growing plants in pots is the best idea. Potted plants certainly need their own-container, so they look stand-out. One of the best ideas is to use plant shelves. Plant shelves will make your collection of potted plants look more neatly arranged and pleasant to the eyes.

Here are, you'll found out 7 Plant Shelf Ideas You'll Want to Copy Now. Various plant shelf ideas are simple but interesting, easy to copy and easy to get around you.

Wooden Pallet with Box Shelf


Wooden pallets are quite popular these days. Like the wooden pallet above. With a tall design, this wooden pallet also works as a patio/terrace decoration. Uniquely, the wooden pallet is equipped with box shelves to display and place ornamental plants.

Hanging Plant Shelf


Empty walls are the best place to display plants. You can install a hanging shelf into the wall. This shelf also features a wooden base to make the plants visible. The shelf support is made of black metal, which is strong enough to be attached to the walls.

2-color Metal Stacking Shelf


This stacking plant rack is indeed common. Make it even more special with a simple but impactful arrangement. For example, by putting stacking shelves in two colors. The yellow and white shelves look good with a blue background behind them.

Wooden Crate for Rustic Look


Wooden crates give a unique and rustic look. You can get wooden crates and arrange them in a such way to keep it looks neat. It doesn't take tons of wooden crates. Even just 4 crates, you can make simple and vertical garden for your home. Pick white pots to give a beautiful contrast.

Glass Shelf with Golden Frame


This beautiful and versatile indoor plant shelf is perfect for small living space. The design is beautiful with glass base and golden frame that look so elegant. The gold frames add a classy feeling to the room. You can place decorative plants in unique planter to make it more adorable. This indoor plant shelf also serves as a divider between living room and other rooms.

Rattan Plant Shelf


Greenery and rattan shelves work together to create a stunning plant display.  The variety of shapes will make the house more attractive. These two wooden shelves are made of durable and strong rattan material. Rattan shelves are perfect for outdoor living space.

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