7 Interior Design Trends for Summer

Homiful.com -- Summer isn't just about outdoor activities. You also continue to do activities in the house. Therefore, it is important to make the interior of the house feel summery, without making you feel too hot. You can also have a summer trend-style interior design that is still suitable through the year, without making you feel too seasonal.

That's why, you need to know the interior trends for summer, which are interesting and easy to adapt to your home. We've rounded up 7 Interior Design Trends for Summer.

1. Bring on the blues


Present the feel of the room that reminds use of bright summer skies and sandy beaches. You can do it by bringing in blues. Apply blue on some part of the walls, sofa padding, tablecloth, cushions and rug. The blue and white combinations will give you a vibrancy that seems like a clear sky. Add a yellow cushion to add sandy beaches vibe to your living room.

2. Yellow color schemes


Yellow things will give you a summer vibe. Yellow chairs, yellow planter and yellow artwork create a perfect Boho home style interior that also perfect for summer. Those items in this living space give you the impression of the incoming sunshine. You can take a sip of your summer iced-tea in this fresh, cozy corner.

3. Opt natural wood

Wooden materials such as rattan, wicker and other wood similar hues make any space feel summery. You can choose wooden kitchen cabinets, wooden island to wooden flooring. The natural brown hues bring elegance without making it feel heavy. Moreover, this material is also perfect to keep for all-season and throughout the year.

4. Let the sunshine in


Summer is a time with blessing of abundant light. Let natural light in to brighten up your living space. You'll be able to save on electricity during the day. If necessary, you do not need to install window curtains in your window, so that light enter the house naturally. More sunshine in will make you can read in your cozy nook.

5. Keep it minimal and neutral

Minimalism has been featured as in interior design trend, even for any season. Just keep functional and practical furniture that will need in summer. You eliminate a thick rug on the floor to make the room more minimal. Moreover, a thick rug will make you feel sultry when the weather is too hot. The friend of minimalism is interior design with neutral colored furniture, which looks elegant in its simplicity.

6. Add more natural elements


Plant is surely a timeless interior design trend. There's no wrong, using greenery as room decoration in summer. A natural green accent adds a pop of color to the room. Fortunately, greenery will make your living space feel fresher. You won't feel too sultry when looking at greenery that have been neatly arranged in another natural elements, such clay-terracotta planter and rattan plant holder.

7. Choose breeze fabric


When summer comes, you don't need a thick blanket or thick rug in the bedroom. Choose a breeze fabric that is light and thin, which it won't make you feel hot and tight. Pick a light material, like linen, your throw blanket.

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