7 Great Ways to Decorate Interior With Plants

7 Great Ways to Decorate Interior With Plants

Homiful.com -- For those of you lovers of ornamental plants that are just starting and old, placing plants in the house can provide a good stimulus for peace of mind. In addition, choosing plants to place in the house is a very meaningful experience for you to try. Starting from hanging plants vines and placement of corners or open, you can try. Just look at the 7 Great Ways to Decorate the interior with plants below:

Celebrate the bedroom with hanging plants on the windowsill

An effective way to decorate the bedroom with a refreshingly beautiful look is to use hanging plants on the windowsill. You can simply put one hanging plant with a small plant in a pot that is above the window sill so that it is easy to get indirect sunlight.

Simple decoration on top of the washing machine

Place plants in various room at home is very easy. As long as the light can enter optimally, just relax, you can the plant will grow refreshing green. Choose the area around the laundry room, especially on the hanger and over the washing machine.

Plant with display racks

Combine it with the place of plants in your space using display racks. To take advantage of the wall area that is still empty, you can add other decorations such as paintings or similar tropical themes.

Windowsill plants in the kitchen space

The next are is the kitchen. The placement of plants around the kitchen, you can choose in the window sill that can help reduce heat when cooking and get natural freshness. In addition to the vine model, you can choose a trailing model plant that will make your room more beautiful.

Vines in the corner of the room

Do not leave the corner of the room in your house empty and filled with spiders. You can create a beautiful and natural atmosphere with ornamental plants or replace a cabinet for drinks to make it more maximal and look complete.

Functional partition with vines

Often vines are the best choice for decorating the room. One of them is a pothos plant whose care is easy and very suitable for beginners. You can choose this partition to place the plant intact and let it grow freely.

Fill the room with different types of plants

Still in one house in a different room. You can take this decoration example if you want to put plants in the house. Choose a type of fresh green leafy plant with beautiful motifs such as evergreen Chinese plant, Crotons, or Aglaonema. One of them you can place specials in a large pot complete with shelves.

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