7 Genius Vertical Gardening Ideas for Small Gardens


7 Genius Vertical Gardening Ideas for Small Gardens

Homiful.com -- Having a house in an urban area certainly makes some people busy to arrange the decor of the space. Even though it provides natural elements such as greening in the home environment can make the atmosphere beautiful and more natural. Well for those of you who have a house in the city, to get a large land that will be used as a garden is quite difficult. This ingenious way is very easy to try with vertical garden can choose any area in the house such as balcony, yard, in the interior though. Check out some of the following ideas:

Vertical garden in Japanese style


To provide extra functional space at home, this time you can create a vertical garden in a Japanese style like this. This concept of simple minimalism becomes one of the characteristics that can dominate the Japanese element, in addition to the wood shelf material used. You can choose ornamental plants to vegetable plants so that the impression of beautiful and natural can be felt.

Vertical vegetable garden with wooden supports


The next genius way that you can maximize for the garden area at home is with a vertical concept that's braided using wood. You can use this method with even very small land. Plant plants in pots and choose plant that grow spreading.

Vertical garden plants with hydroponic methods


If you have a narrow land as home, the concept of vertical garden with hydroponic method can be one of the inspirations. Advice only, you can place this equipment in the house or an area that has intense lighting from the roof of the house. And choose a hydroponic device that is dark or not see-through so that it can inhibit the growth of fungi.

Use the walls of the house


One effective way that can be used to create a vertical garden at home is to use the walls of the house. It can be an area in the house or terrace of the house as a place for plants. You can equate planting pots or where plants are used for vertical concepts.

Mini vertical garden with succulent plants


As a fresh start, designing a vertical garden is a little tricky. Well instead of confused you can use the concept of mini vertical garden that chooses the type of succulent plant. You can put various succulent in one container with a neat arrangement like this.

Vertical garden with wood panels


The next idea is that it's easy to replicate. You can use wooden boards that have been used to make display shelves like this. Make neat with 3-4 levels to maximize the wall area in a complex manner. In addition to wood paneling, you can hang the pot directly but wood paneling.

Mini vertical garden with hydroponic method


Similar to some garden vertical garden concepts above, using hydroponics by utilizing water pipes that are made linear and small. Still with vegetable plants, you can choose the type of plant that is easy and resistant to wall weathers.

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