7 Beautiful Terrace Garden Ideas


Homiful.com -- To make a beautiful patio garden, you can design it with a neat look. You can plan from, determining a theme that suits the style of the house. The existence of a terrace garden in addition to beautifying the look of the house can also make the atmosphere of the house feel more refreshing.

If you have a beautiful patio garden design, surely you will feel at home for a long time in this area. Here are 7 beautiful terrace garden ideas that you can make as the best reference!

Beautiful garden on the terrace with hanging plants


Having a small space of land, requires you to be more creative in designing a garden on the terrace. By using hanging plants becomes one way to get around the size of a small garden. Choose a type of hanging plant has easy maintenance.

Beautiful garden with footpath access


Use the corner of your patio to design a beautiful garden. The expanse of green grass managed to make the impression of the terrace feel more relieved. While the access of the walkway at the edge of the park makes the impression of a more aesthetic garden.

Beautiful garden with with wicker chairs


Although small, you can still use the patio garden area as a cozy place to relax. The trick is easy, you can use rattan chairs and coffee tables complete with cushions to add maximum comfort. As for the cool atmosphere, present a variety of refreshing green plants.

Beautiful garden with natural rock combination


Having a simple design, the following patio garden ideas are suitable for those you who have a tropical minimalist style house. Not much decoration, the garden layout is made neatly to make more elegant. While the exterior of the wall is lined with natural rocks that manage to make the house look more natural and blend with nature.

Beautiful garden with vertical garden


It doesn't have to be with a large area to make a beautiful garden. By applying the concept of vertical garden becomes one solution to get around limited land. Use the exterior of the walls to put different types of beautiful plants.

Beautiful terrace with coral rock


There are many materials that you can use to design a beautiful patio garden. One of them is coral rock material that can make the impression of the garden look more artistic. Moreover, the material of fences and shelves of plants made of woof managed to make the garden layout more beautiful.

Beautiful terrace garden as a playground


The existence of a garden at home, you can use as place to relax to fun playground. The first garden is located in a balcony area, complete with a stretch green grass that refreshes the eye view. Present a variety of children's game facilities to create a pleasant garden atmosphere.

That's 7 beautiful terrace garden ideas that you can use as a reference at home. From some designs above, which is your favorite?

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