7 Beautiful and Bright Lighting Ideas for Home Interiors


7 Beautiful and Bright Lighting Ideas for Home Interiors

Homiful.com -- A cool and beautiful interior will be useless if it is dark without lighting. Lighting becomes one of the important element for a room that can give an attractive look in it. Therefore, choosing the right lighting for a particular space needs to be adjusted in terms of function and collateral. So that when choosing the lights, a room can be bright and add space details. What the design look like, check out 7 Beautiful and Bright Lighting Ideas for Home Interior below!


Terrace with bulb lights


The terrace area outside the house is also important to add lighting. With a more bright flame, this terrace uses bulbs that are hung along the terrace window. In this romantic theme flash, you can add garden lights with a round shape and brighter flame so that the details of the terrace are clearly visible.

Kitchen with chandeliers and floodlights


The next important space is the kitchen. Super busy activities in the kitchen need to be maximized with extra lighting. You can use two types of lights, namely chandeliers around the mini bar table and floodlights around the kitchen cabinet. So that the details of this elegant and warm kitchen can look beautiful and maximal.


Bedroom with exterior lights


Privacy space also needs maximum lighting. One of them is this bedroom. Using exterior lights that are usually placed around the garden, the owner of this room is quite creative in making lighting in a room with two exterior lights.


Living room with standing lamp


So that the details of the living room are more attractive and warm, the lighting of this standing lamp can be tried. The lights in the corner of the room are centered on the sofa of the room so that the color details and texture of the living room look interesting.


A room with mirrored lights


This interesting and unique lamp you can make an example. Bulb lights placed on the edge of this mirror is interesting because it gives a broad impression. Even though you already use a down light, a small space will be wider if the lighting is maximal.

Dining room with chandeliers


You can choose a variety of lamp models for maximum and intense room lighting. One of them is in a unique dining room using a chandelier in the middle of the room. Light with this triangular model added lampshades of durable and strong iron hanging on the ceiling of the room.


Makeup area with sleeping lights


If usually, the sleeping lamp is placed next to the sleeping mattress. This time you can change the place around the makeup table to provide beautiful details on the face when dressing up.

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