7 Balcony Garden Pictures For Inspirations From Our Readers

7 Balcony Garden Pictures For Inspirations From Our Readers

Homiful.com -- The function of the balcony of the house is not only as an additional area used to relax, until it becomes one way to make the interior of the room becomes more spacious.

Balcony is built on a 2nd floor house that usually only has a small land and is very limited. Moreover, its small size can be used as a comfortable relaxing place during holidays. You can put various furniture, decorations ton ornamental plants there.

If you are curious what the picture of the balcony of the house is right to be used as inspiration, just look at the review below:


Minimalist balcony of wooden walls


This beautiful blend of balcony design looks beautiful because of the strong brown color of exposed brick material and wood paneling. Neat arrangement from furniture to decoration used also looks right with the combination of ornamental plants' element. You can use the concept of open without barriers and just use railing to secure the impression of safety more awake.

Festive Mediterranean style balcony


The festive impression of the balcony of this minimalist house looks beautiful with a homey and romantic impression. The decorative element of various beautiful wall-art tropical motifs are very dynamic to give an attractive impression. In addition to wall decoration alone, you can use ornamental plants to make the balcony area so natural and fresh.

Place functional furniture for the reading room and complete it with mattress to make it comfortable.

Contemporary modern balcony


Carrying a modern contemporary concept, the balcony of the house this time only uses a few elements of letter L sofa furniture that fits facing the outside of the area. The warm colors dominant dark ash and brown on this wood panel floor give the balcony a more fantastic color.

Balcony with garden concept


You can make the balcony area for a useful place. Such as for ornamental plant places to gardening place. Balcony area is often used as a place for plants, with the reason to maximize maximum light. You can divide the placement of plants around the railings until they are placed on the floor like this.

Balcony as a work area


Outdoor concept space is very different atmosphere when used as a gathering place to a special room. Just like this idea that makes the balcony a place of work. You can do weekend activities or finish work by enjoying a fresh outdoor view.

Monochrome theme for modern balconies


The design of this balcony deserve appreciation and inspiration. In addition to monochrome themed, the clean impression is very stable on every detail of the balcony, You just need to equip the balcony area with ornamental plants and similar furniture to make it more dynamic.

Tropical balcony in village style


The last example of balcony design, this time you can be an inspiration. Using the concept of tropical and village style, this balcony is quite dominant natural elements of rattan materials and various ornamental plants. Even so, this balcony is still equipped with comfort when you want to replace because there are benches with comfortable padding.

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