7 Amazing Flower Bed Ideas for Your Home Garden

7 Amazing Flower Bed Ideas for Your Home Garden

Homiful.com -- The home page is an essential place in the house. From this area, new life begins with a beautiful exterior featuring a variety of selected plants. In addition to plant for decoration, you also need a sleeping frame that fits to fill the surrounding yard. You can follow the best landscaping ideas for a long to narrow garden here.

Plants with easy maintenance of high flower beds


The design of a flower bed full of these plants will bloom at every season. You can choose a container to be used as a bed if iron or perforated plastic panels. You can add plants such as begonia or orange lilies.

Flower beds for aquatic plants


You can choose an interesting and unique alternative to be used as a flower bed. One of them is by boat or canoe as a place of flowers. You can make a small box filled with water so that the plant does not easily wither and fresher.

Flower bed wood panels elongated shape


If you have a spacious and maximum back porch, this wooden panel bed you can make a solution to form a small, long garden. Fill with beautiful perennial flower plants, prepare maximum care so that the plants thrive and beautiful.

Flower bed of vessel


You can recycle tools or items at home that are not used to be used as flower beds. One of them is like this unique idea that uses iron vessel for its media. You can arrange towering height and each fringe is used to plant flowers.

Spilled flower


Beautiful and simple design for this plant bed you can try to apply. Spilled flowers made from large containers and the flower that spills throughout the yard is increasingly interesting.

Lilies flower bed with wood panels


One type of lilies plant will be beautiful, you place in one long panel like this. Striking ornamental flowers will be beautiful in the summer to fill the front yard of the house near the street.

Side garden of the house with a creeping garden


The concept of this elongated side garden of the house looks beautiful with one type of plant. The combination of land made like bordering ornamental grass vegetation looks accented in detail.

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