6 Best Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

Homiful.com -- If you have a small kitchen, you must be smart to arrange kitchen utensils and equipment in it. Use the existing space as storage area in the kitchen. But keep an eye on the neatness of the kitchen. Do not let the small kitchen look messy because of the many items hanging and splattered on the table.

If you need more ideas to smartly organize kitchen utensils, here are 6 Best Small Kitchen Organization Ideas.

1. Double Duty of Backsplash Kitchen

A backsplash is needed to protect the wall behind the sink and stove from water, grease and other elements. You can install a small backsplash according to the size of the stove and sink. Make it more useful by using it to hang handy and frequently used cookware.

2. Glass Cabinet

The cabinet is an easy and practical thing to store items in the kitchen. There are many variants of cabinet materials that are suitable for a small kitchen. You can choose these glass cabinets with lots of storage shelves. That way, you'll get a more storage to keep kitchen utensils in order.

3. Push & Pull Cabinet (Under The Sink)

Position the plate storage cabinet close to the sink. After washing the dishes, you can easily put them in the push and pull cabinet. Simple, but the pink color on the cabinet makes it more special.

4. Wooden table with open shelving

It's okay to add a small table on the small kitchen. You can use it as a place to keep the cooking spices, onion containers, and the glasses. This wooden table with open shelves will make it easier for you to pick up the spices you need when you intend to cook. 

5. Additional Versatile Cabinet

You can place an additional cabinet in the small kitchen. This cabinet is equipped with a small countertop that you can use as a additional preparation table or just to keep the cooking spices in order. You can try to pick a seasonal or thematic decor to make a small kitchen even look cuter.

6. Hanging rod for handy kitchen utensils

The walls are a very useful kitchen structure. Try to install hanging rods that you can use to organize the kitchen utensils. These hanging rods are equipped with small hooks, so your kitchen utensils are hanging perfectly. Make it more adorable by choosing kitchen utensils with same colors with the kitchen design.

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