Top 7 Tips for Small Garden Design to Transform Your Space

Garden Design Ideas: 7 Ways to Create a Peaceful Refuge -- It is said to be a complement to the house, the garden has an important role and benefits for the interior and exterior of the house. In addition to making the house building more beautiful and refreshing, the look of the house will also be more pleasant if there is a garden in the home environment.

In fact, small land in the house can be one of the obstacles when it will make a garden from various ways. For example, utilizing the corner of the room to the selection of plant models that are suitable for use. Here are the Top 7 Tips for Small Garden Design to Transform Your Space.

Take advantage of the corner of the yard


The first way you can do to create a small garden at home is to use a small land space in front of the house. Besides being interesting if planted productive trees such as mangoes or grapes that can be a natural canopy accent. To take advantage of the small size of the terrace, you can place various ornamental plants in the corner using neat and more attractive planting shelves.

Selection of the fight right ornamental plants


Before making a small garden in the neighborhood of the house to make it more refreshing, it's a good thing to consider what size and plants are suitable to be placed. One of the if you have a very small area, this natural rock wall can be a place for the growth of interesting and aesthetic Ficus Pumila vines to accent a small garden.

Dry garden concept next to the house


The next area that can be used as a small garden of the house is the next land of the house like this. Although the size is not as good, you can make a dry concept garden that only uses cactus plants are very easy to plant various seasons. Small tips you can try when you have a small land for the park is to pay attention to comfort for children if you have children and parents. So that the land can be covered using synthetic grass that does not harm children.

Combine with water elements

Make or have a small garden at home, it is not difficult to determine the theme to be used. You just need to combine some natural elements such as tree plants that are made square to frame, and combine it again with the surrounding fishpond. Beautiful little garden design like this you can place in the house that helps natural freshness.

Choosing plants in pots


When you find a house with a small size. You can make a small garden with one type of plant or equalize the media used. Without having to open new land, use pots from the ground to accommodate all your houseplants. You can place it in an attractive and open corner of the house so that circulation and lighting can enter to help the growth of existing plants.

Concept of a small garden and a relaxing place


In addition to having to garden the house, the backyard you can make functional more than that. One of them uses the concept of a garden and a relaxing area, so one has a Japanese-style gazebo like this. Garden design with bonsai plants and walkways is one of the important parts that make the house more attractive and aesthetic.

Make the lower room of the stairs


So that your home is maximized properly, the design of a small house garden under these stairs can be the solution. The design of a small garden complete with natural elements such as gravel rocks and ornamental plants add fresh effect around. Although the size is small, you can add a seat for a relaxing space in the open area that is more refreshing.

Minimalist garden design in the yard of the house


In addition to the interior of the house, the front yard is also still a favorite area to make a small garden at home. You can save costs just by using ornamental grass to get a gardens design that is visually refreshing green. In addition, in order to be more attractive to the plant of one tree that if large can make the environment more lush and cool.

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