Lovely split-level house that look so mesmerizing on a low budget -- Planning and interested in applying a split-level house as the design of your dream home? If yes, then there are some things you may need to know about the plan and how to decorate it before deciding to create this split-level plan on your dream home

A split-level home is a style of house where each floor is interdependent. This kind of style helps you to optimize living spaces. It also gives you open and spacious impression and dynamic vibe, even in a small space. 

If you are already settled with a split-level house, you also need to know a variety of ideas that make your home interior comfortable and fun even on a low budget. Keep reading for these ideas on Lovely split-level house that look so mesmerizing on a low budget

Sleek and sturdy building shape

The façade (face of the house) tends to be square. The concept is made in minimalist design with minimal details but still looks elegant. An integrated garage makes it easy to access the main door. The simple shape of the façade will make it easier and cheaper to build.

Important exterior furniture

Let's start from exterior furniture. Make sure the safety and comfort for the exterior design. You can install wire mash fence as carport fence. Install a transparent roof is also a good idea to make the outdoor space less hot. The iron fence and transparent roof are small, so it won't spend so many cost.

Eco-friendly living room ideas

An eco-friendly living room is not only easy to realize, but also fun. You can choose a standard couch with small coffee table. Choose furniture in sleek design to save some space (and save your budget). Decorate the living room with plants to create a more fresh atmosphere. 

Make use of the space under the stairs

In a split-level house, of course, you need stairs. You can use empty-space under the stairs to keep your shoe in order. Place a shoe rack under the stair is a nice thing to do. This way, you get a more functional space, even under the stairs.

Bedroom design on a low budget

To make a bedroom design on a low budget, just keep it simple. Only use functional and simple furniture in the bedroom. You can also use vinyl floor to keep the bedroom warm and cozy. If a real vinyl floor is pricey for you, you can use a vinyl carpet flooring that quite affordable.

Open-space kitchen ideas

A classic kitchen in an enclosed space, sometimes give you overwhelmed atmosphere. Bring a different atmosphere when cooking in the kitchen by designing an open-space kitchen. You can build a kitchen near the small open yard. An open-space kitchen will give you a more fresh and pleasant vibe, when you intend to cook.


Open-space dining room ideas

If you already have an  open kitchen, complete it by making an open-space dining room. You can set up the dining set on the yard, right across the open kitchen. An outdoor dining room will give you a lively and comfy vibe. Bring affordable and moveable chairs and dining table on the small yard.

Small green terrace

Don't forget to design an open small with green themed. Design a small terrace with grass rug and greenery. The green things will make your home less dry and boring. You can also use it a place to relax and enjoy the breeze.

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