List of 7 Types of Pink Flower Plant Names | Best Pink Flowers

List of 7 Types of Pink Flower Plant Names | Best Pink Flowers -- There is a List of 7 Types of Pink Flower Plant Names | The best pink flowers you can make a favorite.

As is known if, the color pink is one of the colors that symbolize affection and harmony. For you lovers of ornamental plants and love gardening, get ready to clean the yard at home to be pink thoroughly.

Wax Begonia


The Semperflorens begonia variety is the most common wax begonia. Plant that like this bed have a beautiful color when planted in pots or under trees. Begonia wax can also grow about 6 to 12 inches tall per season only.



Plants that have a taste such as watercress and a little bitter crunch is often used as a complement to food. This nasturtium plant has a beautiful, distinctive flower with 5 petals of fresh orange color. You can have this flower with many benefits for the purpose of dessert or lights snack.



Azalea plants that are as large growing in East Asia have beautiful flowers that are typical. Plant that grow in this temperate climate will develop their flowers in the summer and autumns in June. Varying colors you can have with red, yellow, white, pink and purple. These azalea roots grow well in fertile, acidic soils in a slightly shady place.



This favorite and much-loved flower plant grows in the shade with a bright flower color. One family of balsam plants that have many dozens of species. You need to care of this plant by paying attention to light, soil, water to fertilize it.



Not only popular, this bougainvillea plant include a popular and arrow resistant type of plant. Very easy maintenance, this plant is suitable for all climates. Besides being able to grow lush, you can make this plant as a beautiful bonsai plant with a variety of varied flowers.



Petunias are plants native to South America. The physical husk of this plant can grow about 16-20 cm with single and double crowned flowers. Variations in red, white, pale yellow, blue and purple are commonly pollinated by insects.

This plant will thrice if place in a moist area of a lot of water, gets maximum sunlight and fertile soil,



One of the beautiful flowers that have this variety of color is the Dahlia flower, Flowers that can be planted anywhere with a very easy adjustment to the surrounding environment. This plant can flower in summer to autumn.

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