Indoor and Outdoor Garden Designs for Small Spaces -- Having a garden in the middle of a busy city is like having a refreshing oasis. You can make a garden as a place to enjoy natural freshness. It is a good place to escape from a busy day.  Escape from the boring routine, you can train your green thumb in the indoor or outdoor garden. You don't need a large space to create a cozy and fresh garden at home. Just a small space, you can turn it into a fresh indoor and outdoor garden design. To help you find a more beautiful garden, here are some ideas of Indoor and Outdoor Garden Designs for Small Spaces.

Indoor garden near the living space


The garden is not always outside the house. An indoor garden is a good idea to make the rooms in the house feel so fresh. The corner space, you can turn into a small, beautiful garden. Plant some houseplants and shrubs to make it look more natural. If necessary, also install a skylight over the garden, so the plants will get enough light.

Indoor corner garden


The design of this indoor garden has simple but fresh atmosphere. The arrangement is simple and easy. There are not many plants to be placed. So, the small spaces still look more spacious. Some plants are placed in the floating shelf to save space. Make it green by covering the floor with a small grass rug on top.

Cozy nook garden


A nook. In addition to being a comfortable reading space, you make use of it as an indoor garden. Just put it some houseplants around the nook. A nook near the window is a good place for growing plants. You can place some potted plants or hanging plants to enliven and refresh the nook garden.

Minimalist and affordable garden


A small garden can look bright and attractive as in the picture above. Expanses of multicolored coral stones are scattered on the ground to strengthen the natural vibe of this garden. No need for super expensive plants, just choose the type of plant that affordable, such as cactus, golden pothos, sansvieria, and so on. The greenness of the plant increasingly look fresh with terracotta pots or white hanging pots that are arranged neatly.

A balcony garden


A balcony is a good place to make it as indoor or outdoor garden design. You can hang out on a cozy balcony garden. Make it more unique, by making a dry garden. The balcony floor is covered with gravel and decking. Provide seating that can accommodate your family members here.

Small outdoor garden


Designing a garden in front of the terrace of the house has an important role in bringing to life the look of the facade of the house. A little open garden will make the house look fresh and nor arid. You can plant refreshing green grass. Around the grass, dense leafy plants will also add the freshness and shade. Just place affordable and low-maintenance plants such as shrubs, sansvieria and more. That way, even a minimalist garden look so beautiful.

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