How to Make Terrace Vegetable Garden

How to Make Terrace Vegetable Garden -- Without buying vegetables for daily needs, you can grow them yourself on the terrace of the house to the yard. Fresh home vegetables, free from chemicals of course, nourish the body. There are many places that you can make a small garden area at home. If you need a roof area, balcony to terrace, though. Can be used as a place for vegetables, with tips that you can see in the following review!

Make sure the roof is strong


The first thing you can do to make a vegetable garden on the terrace of the house is to make a strong structure. This is useful for avoiding severe damage. In addition, you can use a lightweight container and the soil with sufficient amount is not excessive.

The next way, you can choose strong and good quality pot. Do not use a thin plastic pot because it heats quickly and easily breaks down.

Make raised beds on terrace


To get a practical impression and look spacious, then making a raised bed is one of the great options. You can grow a lot of vegetables compared to containers. Treatment and maintenance can be noticed more intensely.

If you want to fill the raised bed with soil, make sure the area below the surface of the terrace below is waterproof. Mix compost-quality soil and manure, so that is fertile and fast growth.

Make a vegetable garden in a pot


Decided to make the terrace as a vegetable garden, you can use a light and strong pot medium. Because the patio area is an open and hot area, you can use clay pots and avoid plastic pots that are thin in quality because they heat quickly. Plants that you can plant for this pot are lettuce, melon, eggplant, onions and also tomatoes.

Create a terrace vegetable garden in a planter's box


Flower boxes and plantations you can make to make a vegetable garden on the terrace. Starting from the hanging model or just on the floor, it can all be tried. You can use a mixture of compost soil and chaff, it's the initial medium. In addition, you can choose a variety of vegetables as needed such as tomatoes, peppers, tomatoes or green leafy vegetables that do not require too much fertilizer.

Create a large vegetable patio container or pergola combination


Instead of being used as a vegetable garden, you can add a pergola so that vegetables can propagate around the pergola provided. Large container this time not only you can plant one plant, but 2-5 different types of plants. Such as vegetable, herbs to small spices that grow spread too much.

Choose a type of vegetable such as horseradish, garlic, ginger, green leafy vegetable or other herbal plants.

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