How to Decorate a Small Living Room - Confuse with your small living room? You can make it tricky for having your dreamy living room even that is has tiny size. Don't let that you are having small living room make pinch your style. Make it stylish and pretty, whether your own or rent. So, let's go ahead for Decorating a Small Living Room that can make you inspire. Check it out!

Spill with White Color to Decorate Small Living Room


White color is most popular in everywhere. Moreover, white color has effect for bigger and spacious in architecture design, especially in exterior and interior design at home or building. Make the basic background paint in white color. Then, combined the floor coating with wooden tiles for natural and avoid monotonous accent. Make the furniture in small living room has similar color with the basic background using white color.

Placed Mirror That Can Make Bigger in Small Living Room


Another way for having bigger and spacious at small living room, you can use mirror. As you ever know, attaching mirror make the trick in eye that thinking at small living room is brighter and larger. The mirror reflected the light instead of absorbing it, and the light also enhances the color and beauty of the elements within in the room. So, you can place hanging mirror or standing mirror at small living room and watch for the placement.

Decorate Small Living Room Using Furry Element in Vocal Point


The next way for decorating a small living room is using furry element like tablecloth, pillows at the sofa and carpet. With the interior design using gray and white color, make this small living room has neutral and soothing atmosphere. Then, by using furry element, you will have fancy ambience and make vocal point for your small living room.

Streamline Style Make Small Living Room Spacious


It's no problem that having rectangle for the shape of space, you can use streamline style in a small living room. Placing the sofa that has been curated with the room, and make place for TV table with white color in opposite. For the TV, you can place it with hanging at the wall. With this design decoration, you have spacious at the center between the sofa and TV table. Moreover, using streamline style make the small living room feel bigger and spacious.

Minimize The Element and Furniture That Placed in Small Living Room


Making the small living room feel spacious by minimize the element or furniture. As many known before, useless furniture or element that display make a room in narrow. For your small living room, you can place important furniture and element that often used only. With this setup, you have free access to make activities in small living room.

Attach Texture Wall and Great Lighting for Small Living Room


There nothing wrong to try attaching textures wall foam at small living room. Make the textures wall foam using white color for making the small living room feel spacious and look cleanly. Then, pair great lighting with white color and warm white for beautiful small living room. You can make the rack hanging at the wall for poster's place or another ornament in this small living room. Put plants to make the small living room has fresh atmosphere.

Make Curated Small Living Room Under Stair in Your Home


If you have space area under stair, make it for small living room that has beautiful decorate. With the basic background using cream or neutral color, you can make a place for the lamp with white and warm white color for amazed lighting effect. Then, make measure and curated furniture in this small living room. Make a place for the wall with hanging poster or gallery wall. Get the last touch by putting fresh and great plants.

With this decorating small living room, you can make attention for caring routine to keep cleanly and tidy up. Make routine care by sweeping and another caring for your small living room, and don't forget to make some schedule for full cleaning like washing rug, drying sofas and pillows under sunlight.

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