How to Create a Stunning Dry Garden: 6 Easy Steps (with pictures) -- A dry garden, might be a garden design that doesn't fit the Westerner's typical image of a garden (japanhouse.illinous). The dry garden is filled with a simple bed of gravel or pebbles with shrubs or plants around it. Dry garden present a unique and different beauty from the usual green garden. This garden has minimal maintenance, looks clean and simple. It's perfect for those of you who like practicality. 

A dry garden like in the picture above is very amazing, isn't it? You can easily make it happen at your home with simple methods and materials. You'll have a dry garden that suitable for relaxing and spending time. Find out the detail steps at: How to Create a Stunning Dry Garden: 6 Easy Steps (with pictures).

1. Plan the best position!

garden of rumahnayyara20

Choose the best position for a dry garden. Whether you want to make it a center in your front yard or backyard, it all depend on you. The owner of this garden want to renovate a small ordinary garden into a practical and stunning dry garden design. The garden is in a meter size with an area of 3.5 x 3.2 meters.

2. Prepare garden materials

The main star of this dry garden is the simple bed of gravel or pebbles. The materials are quite simple and easy to find. You'll need sand, black and white pebbles and plastic nets.

3. Bring supporting tools 

garden of rumahnayyara20

This garden also function as an outdoor relaxing space. For that, you need tools that are used to support comfort in a dry garden. For example, a waterproof socket that will help you charge your cellphone while you're relaxing in this garden. 6 pieces of spotlights and hidden lamp that will provide lighting that give the garden vibe you crave.

4. Plant the plant!

A garden is incomplete without the plants. Choose the type of plant that is suitable for dry garden. The best plant choice is cactus. You can also add shady plants such as Calathea lutea. Those plant will be planted around the simple pebbles bed.

5. Arrange the material properly

garden of rumahnayyara20

A simple bed of pebbles is made with a simple arrangement. Firstly, you need to make biopore infiltration holes to prevent flooding and avoid puddles of rainwater. Secondly, the garden soil is covered with sand and plastic net. These steps are intended so that the soil is not easily overgrown with weeds and the white gravel is not easily soiled.  Then, you just need to spread the pebbles on top of the sand and plastic net.

6. Provide seating!

This dry garden is equipped with permanent chairs as shared seating. You can also bring additional chairs to the garden space. Oh yes, cacti and calathea lutea are planted in special permanent containers to make them more neatly arranged. Last but not least step, you need to install spotlight around the pebbles bed and some hidden lamps on the plant containers.

7. Enjoy the outdoor vibe here!

garden of rumahnayyara20

With simple materials and simple steps, voilé, you'll have a stunning dry garden. You can feel the atmosphere of a café without the need to leave the house. Just order a cup of favorite coffee from your favorite coffee shop and enjoy it in this dry garden. And you'll have the best day.

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