Container and Small-Space Gardening --  Even if you have a small yard does not mean you can not have a beautiful garden. You can use containers for planting media. In containers a variety of plants can thrive. Plants in containers can be a soothing focal point that makes your small yard look more beautiful. These ideas are perfect for those of you who want to do gardening in a small space. 

Here are Container and Small-Space Gardening.

Container flower garden


A plain small yard can turn into a beautiful container flower garden. Make use unused wooden box container and galvanized containers as a planter to grow some flowers. Arrange them in a neat arrangement. When the times comes, the blooming flowers will give you a pleasant atmosphere. No need to trouble yourself, our advice, just plant the kind of flowers that are easy to care for even in container medium.

Refreshing greenery


If there is a flower bed, can we call this garden design as a grass bed? Only a grass bed with white pebbles on the sides would feel like something missing, even for a small yard. Enliven the space by placing some greenery in a plant container. You can choose lush greenery that matches really well with the grass bed. This way, you'll have a green garden with small-space gardening steps.

Galvanized Planters


How nice it is to see flowers seem to spill over the galvanized containers. This display provides a great contrast between natural and industrial elements. The  flowers are softening the hard galvanize. You can place flowers in planter containers around the seating area on the back porch. A green and soothing atmosphere will give you a peace of mind.

Make it as a focal point in your patio


A small patio or porch will look better with flower and foliage containers. Plant in containers become a point of interest on this small patio. You can choose plants and flowers that can live in water. A self watering aqua pots will make you relieved when you have to travel far. Water and nutrients in containers still able to make the plant grow well.

Charming entryway ideas


Make a charming entryway by arranging some flowers in a large container. The stress after heavy busy work will slightly be reduced by seeing a beautiful container garden. On a synthetic container, you can plant and place some plants such as ficus topiary, angelonia, potato vine, petunias, strobilanthe. Even if a cooler air won't make you more gloomy with these beautiful container garden.

Small-space gardening in front of the house


Don't waste the rest of the land in front of the house. Make use of it by designed a small-space garden. Place some potted plants in front of the house. It is also a good idea to put small containers that's filled with moss-rose flowers. This small garden will instantly upgrade the visual appealing in front of the house. 

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