All of the Best Ways to Make the Most of a Small Garden

All of the Best Ways to Make the Most of a Small Garden -- making open space around the house is never easy, it is also impossible. Even for those of you who only have a small size, you can still make open space around the house to be a small, simple. garden. Some outdoor ideas for this garden can be used as a brilliant idea for those of you who have a small space but want a beautiful look. Let's see how it's inspiring.

Beautiful landscape


If your outdoor space is only side by side at the front of the house, this design you can arrange as a garden and relaxing. Provide fresh space for the house every day with ornamental plants in all corners of the area. Complete with garden chairs and umbrellas at once in the summer. Also arrange the land with ornamental grass to get a more refreshing visual.

Corner balcony of the house


You are not wrong by using a small land outdoors to be used as a park and a relaxing place. Using the concept of urban jungle full of large-based ornamental plants, it is also important to provide a top cover as a way to block direct sunlight when around it. Another important thing that can be an increasingly entertaining balcony corner is to use it for a relaxing place on weekends with families with a tropical feel.

Prepare the carpet


So that your small garden at home feels comfortable to relax, provide carpet for a place with family. If necessary, you can put down a stylish hammock to enjoy a beautiful afternoon by reading a book.

Hanging plant decorations


So that your ornamental plants at home are increasingly dancing, flower arrangement that are hug like this can be one of the solutions to decorate a beautiful outdoor garden. Although the size is small, you can prepare the surrounding land to shake plants and make this place for a relaxing area or a place to calm the mind.

Minimalist wood arrangement


Garden design without decorations will certainly look empty and monotonous. Even though, the garden becomes one of the most refreshing and comfortable areas to be used as a gathering place at home. You can make beautiful decorations in the form of wood panels for planting shelves, fill around the garden with wooden furniture to make it more earthy and soothing.

Concept of pergola


The rest of the land behind the house that is still large is very appropriate to be used as a relaxing area. The concept of pergola with a minimalist white look full of decoration makes the home garden feel more romantic. Surround around the garden with ornamental plants and fill the land with ornamental grass for interesting eye visuals.

A small corner of the house


The corner of the house you can make a refreshing relaxing place throughout the day. You don't need a lot of decoration or use of furniture. You can simply put rattan crutches with a small pillow or blanket as a base. Fill around the land with ornamental plants and upper bulbs for warmer night lighting.

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