7 Stylish Floating Shelves Ideas

7 Stylish Floating Shelves Ideas

Homiful.com -- Floating shelves become one of the furniture that can be chosen to make the decor of the room look beautiful. You can use it to overcome the limitations of space that is sufficiently placed on the walls of the house so that it does not take up a lot of space. In addition, the function of floating shelves can also be used to place various decorations or arrangement of favorite books. 

That way the room can be wider, you can get inspirations to make the interior of the room look beautiful by listening to interesting ideas below.

Floating shelves where the seasoning is


This first idea you can make a maximum functional place. Floating rack model used to place various kitchen spices, you can combine again using a small iron basket that is relatively efficient. Choose a unique to get a more attractive kitchen concept.

Floating shelves for dwarf plants


The inside of the house and in the corner even thought you can make a beautiful place using unique decorations. Such as choosing an ideal floating rack model for the corner of the stairs with dwarf plants such as succulents. Not only that, you can make this floating shelf model as a photo place or made a minimalist table model like some other interesting ideas.

Festive floating shelve display


The design of floating shelves this time is in the dominant children's room with unique and fun decor. Various models of shelves such as trees remain beautiful, filled with ornamental plants as well as story books and fairy tales of fun to the little one. You can choose a string and sturdy rack model of stainless materials or MDF in general.

Floating rack with frame


This will show the corner of your space more artistically. Floating rack models framed with wire are very flexible, is moved elsewhere. Models that have two levels are very suitable to be exposed to the interior of a minimalist home or modern Scandinavian style.

Floating shelves of ladder models


The following artistic floating rack design will be interesting when combined using a ladder model. With many levels, you can fill every sideline with shelves using glass decorations or pots and dwarf plants.

Floating rack with iron amplifier


Elongated models for floating shelves are still his favorite this time. This simple minimalist design combined iron reinforcement at the bottom to provide a string and sturdy shelf design. You can choose other models that choose geometric shapes or other interesting patterns.

Floating shelves filled with Mediterranean trinkets


The next floating shelf that could be the recommendation is with a Mediterranean touch because of the decoration. You can place this shelf in a common area such as the kitchen living room or lunge room. Unique ornaments to fill floating shelves like this, you can make a level model with several shelves so that the space looks more beautiful and contained.

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