7 Spectacular Small Balcony Garden Ideas

7 Spectacular Small Balcony Garden Ideas

Homiful.com -- Having a small space in the house is not a barrier to maintaining plants. Especially if you live in an urban area or apartment that has absolutely no outdoor land. But you are lucky to sill have a balcony that can be used for plant space even though the area is relaxing throughout the day. To turn it into a fun hiding place, you can model some interesting designs below!

Beautiful balcony design for a relaxing space


It does not have to be used as a place for plants, a minimalist home balcony that you can make a comfortable relaxing place with family. Provide a hanging swing with attractive visuals of the covered land using refreshing green synthetic grass. 

Balcony with vertical combination of garden


If you are a busy person to plant plants at home. This balcony area can be one solution. In addition to the plant space with the vertical garden concept, you can also make it for a relaxing area at once. Provide furniture to relax as comfortably as possible with a sofa or just sit on the floor with carpet.

Beautiful minimalist balcony design


Placing ornamental plants around the balcony becomes one way to give a fresh effect. In addition to being comfortable and fresh, you can make this area to relax at the end of the concentrated or small parties with family. Give a beautiful base of synthetic grass that adds to the visual of the balcony is increasingly attractive. 

Make a beautiful mini garden area


So that the balcony in the house is much more beautiful and attractive, this time you can make it as a mini garden place with a variety of beautiful ornamental plants. With several types of plants, your beautiful balcony design will be more attractive to relax.

Unique eclectic balcony design


Redecorating an attractive and unique balcony can use an eclectic theme like this. The excitement of the balcony is displayed with a variety of striking bright colors and angular lighting that adds to the details of the balcony. You can arrange various types of your herbal plants here using planting shelves to make it neater and more concise.

Arrange the plants neatly and make a plot of road


So that the balcony avoids the impression of empty and gloomy, this time you can turn it into a beautiful balcony garden. Various flowering ornamental plants you can place here without using plant shelves. But still provide a small road for access while enjoying the open atmosphere on the balcony of the house.

Unique design of balcony with rattan furniture


To fill the lack with a small balcony in the house, you can equip it with natural rattan furniture like this. It does not have to be with houseplants alone, even though plants become an important element for outdoor decor. So you can not leave the ornamental plant element with furniture for rattan furniture fittings in the balcony area.

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