7 Smart Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

7  Smart Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

Homiful.com -- The concept of do-it-yourself (DIY) continues to grow over the years can be the best way to change small landscape at home. The attractive design of small landscape is not only clearly visible element of the plant, but other element with the right combination such as trails, rocks, vertical concepts and refreshing fragrances. To choose the best landscape design, these 7 Smart Small Yard Landscaping Ideas will help you find interesting concepts to maximize small space.

Plan a landscape vision at home


To start a small landscaping at home, you can choose the best design along the border of the house. Spend some land access to plant ornamental plants that are made elongated to from irrigation access. This method is very easy to give extra space to water flow in the rainy season. Many plants around the house, will provide a beautiful view throughout the day with a refreshing atmosphere.

Create a vertical concepts with cement walls


Smart small landscape design you can try is to apply the concept of vertical garden. Stick plants on artificial walls resembling cliffs from cement, you can decorate the plant with a model of stairs down like this. Maximize one side of the other wall so that the focal point in your yard is more attractive.

Reserving landscaping for pathway


The importance of having a landscaping design at home is not just for freshness. You can pay attention to small things to mobilize from the vegetation boundary between houses using the trail. Use pathway from natural stone or wood and make it with an aesthetic snake model. Minimalist decoration on the land at home will make your plan look more perfect and complex.

Combine it with a home gazebo


So that your idealistic landscaping certainly needs a useful resting are to gather with family on weekend. The boundary between the house building and the gazebo separated by this small garden can make the effectiveness of the land used properly. You can choose a minimalist concept with a unique gazebo design and ethnic style.

Simple and complete


Designing landscaping is harder than imagined. But to make it look perfect, you can combine several elements at once in one area. One of them is with a pathway, a small garden boundary with rocks to and impressive bonsai model plant. Complete components on this small smart landscape can be enjoyed in the old time with high art values, of course anyone will glance at it when coming to your house.

Large open area


Reserving empty space in the house, including smart decision to create a playground for children or the perfect of the house. You can leave the land open without one other building and enough to make a separator like a pathway to provide a clear contrast.

If used for the play area, you can put a swing chair to perfect, a smart little landscaping idea.

Friendly with rock elements


This beautiful example of a smart little landscaping that can be applied. Touch of stones as a land cover is made geometric that leaves a small space in the middle for the growth of ornamental grass. The final result of this landscape idea will be very interesting with the blend of water elements from the fountain. The impression of natural elegance can be a perfect complement with the addition of ornamental flower plants on the outskirts of the land.

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