7+ Small Kitchens with Big Style

Homiful.com -- Never underestimate the small kitchen. Even a small kitchen in a tiny studio apartment will look so great in a stylish arrangement. There are many wonderful ideas to make your small kitchen look chic and give positive energy when you want to cook. You can play with the layout, the color combinations or any kitchen decor that suit you. 

So, are you ready to have a small kitchen that look so stylish, and of course, well-function? Let's take at these 7 + Small Kitchens with Big Style.

More stylish with café-style floating shelves 


The kitchen is designed with an industrial concept. The owner said she wants to give a bold and strong energy when cooking in the kitchen. That's why, industrial concept is chosen. Floating shelves are installed to give a more open and stylish impression. The owner also said the kitchen design was given a touch of café-style decoration to make the kitchen a mini café area for the family.

Big style for a kitchen backsplash


A small, minimalist kitchen will look better with stylish backsplash kitchen.  You can choose a backsplash with beautiful pattern like this one. The backsplash color uses a pink color that looks adorable. For girls, this pink backsplash can make the mood happier when cooking.

Small kitchen with stylish earth tone


The heart will always be grounded with a kitchen filled with natural elements. Let's say: Wood brown color, stone gray, dried fern green, and black roots. Earthy tone  present a calm, cozy and home impression to the kitchen. Less concrete, more open space. This kitchen is also multifunctional, both as a cooking area as well as a space to hang out with loved ones.

A small kitchen with stylish island


Don't worry, even in a small kitchen, you can design it with island layout. Of course, this is accompanied by consequences. You can only choose a small island table. Choose an island table that serves as a cooking table equipped with a cooker hood on it. Somehow, it makes the kitchen look more stylishly modern.

A small kitchen with big natural style


How about making your kitchen more chic with natural plants? You can let vines, such as golden pothos, grow in your small kitchen. Make sure you keep the vine away from the stove, so as not to make it dry or burn. It is also a great idea to install skylight or glass windows in the kitchen. The small kitchen will look brighter and fresher.

Stylish kitchen floor


In addition to safety and durability, choose a kitchen floor with an attractive design. A stylish floor will instantly upgrade the kitchen look. For a small galley kitchen that has minimal pattern visualization, floors with vintage pattern are the right choice. The floor can be a focal point in  a small kitchen.

Play with color


A small kitchen that looks alive (and used). That's the impression of this kitchen. Kitchen utensils are deliberately arranged on the wall tightly and densely. As to make the kitchen does not look boring, the owner add a pop of red, green and blue color as cabinetry colors. These colors add a splash of color to the kitchen. Make it look colorful and amazing.

A touch of golden color


Choose a small accent that has a big impact. For example, by applying a touch of gold color as an accent in this kitchen. The gold color is applied on cabinet handles, sink shower and so on. A splash of gold color around the lighter color make the kitchen look more elegant and classy.

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