7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

Homiful.com -- Nowadays, having a small kitchen is not a bad thing. A small kitchen can turn into a versatile kitchen with proper arrangement. You can also get a beautiful small kitchen by decorating it as beautiful and attractive as possible. If you wonder how to make a small kitchen look attractive and stay functional, we've rounded some ideas to upgrade your small kitchen even with a simple action or simple items. For more detail, here are 7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home.

Position the kitchen near the window


Natural lighting is very helpful to make your small kitchen more spacious and bright. Of course, a kitchen that feels spacious will give a sense of comfort when cooking. It is the best idea to position the kitchen close to the window. A window will allow natural light to brighten up the small kitchen space. You'll also get a fresh breeze if you want to have a window that can be opened.

Make the most of each field


Even though it's small, a kitchen with complete equipment and storage is definitely more fun. It makes it easier for you to cook without having to go back and forth to the storage area. Make the most of each flat field as storage. You can install upper cabinets, spice racks, dish rack even make a mini pantry on the walls. That way, a small kitchen will stay more functional.

Small kitchen design without upper cabinet


Yes, one of the practical way to make a small kitchen look spacious is by removing the upper cabinet. A more visible wall will give the impression of a wider space. Instead of upper cabinets that quite to take up space, you can replace it with small floating shelves that work as places to keep spices and display the kitchen decors.

White and black kitchen design


Choosing white color as the color base for the kitchen is a great idea. White can make the kitchen space look brighter and more spacious. Only the white color will make the kitchen look stiff and unattractive. Combine it with a more contrasting color, such as black or metallic items. The combinations of white and black items make this small kitchen look so trendy.

Decorate a small kitchen with plants


Wherever it is, plants will add a great impact into living space, including the kitchen. Try to place some plants on the kitchen. You can put them on the floating shelves, countertops or near a kitchen window. The greenery will help to make a kitchen atmosphere feel more natural. Choose type of plants that can live in low light condition, such as golden pothos, english ivy, snake plants, philodendron and more.

Make a beautiful kitchen


Make a small kitchen with a theme or any looks that you want. If you want to have a small and beautiful kitchen, you can try this kind of kitchen design. The pink things on it make the kitchen look so adorable. The kitchen is also completed by a mini bar. You can enjoy a cup of favorite tea in this kitchen space. Even the kitchen is small, but you'll have a fun and beautiful snacking time.

Clutter-free small kitchen design


The best small kitchen design is a no mess kitchen. Make sure all of your kitchen appliances are stored at the best place. If you need it, you can buy additional storage such as wooden shelf or any kind of storage. More storage allows you able to keep them in order. Don't forget to place the storage at the best place, so it won't make the kitchen more messy. 

That's all for 7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home. Hope these ideas make you easier to realize your small dream kitchen.

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