7 Small Garden Ideas

 Homiful.com - Small garden is the spaces that intimate and must be careful while choosing the features and plants. Many people often trying to make their small garden seem bigger and ignoring the value of small garden that given in space. However, your small garden is, make believe that you can make something beautiful and functional, so get some information below about 7 Small Garden Ideas for more inspiration. Let's take a look!

Nice Arrangement at the Corner For Small Garden


Here the idea for small garden make used some wasted space at the corner of yard at your home that have a nice arrangement. By using this waste space, you have advantages that can make relax for guest that coming at your home. Besides then, you can make some feel enjoying and relaxing after a busy day in this area. Make grow with nice grass and attach for path and natural stone for pretty view. Then, make arrangement in nicely with plants or flower in this area.

Small Garden Indoor With Tree Look Beautiful


Wanna placed small garden indoor? It's worth it to try and have many advantages. The advantages that you will have are having nice air circulation at home, make the atmosphere feel fresh in every time, make it feel relax for people who live at home, and many again that you will take. Many concept for small garden idea, you can make the floor get clear with real soil or make the concept with potted plants and hanging plants. Then, give some natural stone for beautiful view if you take for real soil and grow tree indoor. Make decoration and arrangement with nicely that will give you coziness.

Simple Arrangement Small Garden at Terrace


The place that you live haven't space land area? Or live in an apartment that doesn't have a piece of space land at the outside? Make it easy with potted plants for small garden idea that can you try at home. Wait, this idea worth it for all size of space area, like big space area or small area. Next, you can utilize the terrace of your home or the space area that have natural sun entering. Make the shelf for plants and make it nicely arrangement for pretty view. Or you can make hanging plants that hang at ceiling or make it yourself for hanger area.

Make Small Garden Beside House with Fishpond


Take the advantage of your small space beside home for small garden. You can make organizing look beautiful for the plants that in small garden. With this small garden beside your home, you will have fresh atmosphere and relax while enjoy in this area. Besides small garden, you can create mini fishpond in space area at this small garden. By create mini fishpond, you will have fresh and cool air, this effect make you have felt fresh while summer is coming. Adding mini waterfall in fishpond to make soothing ambience in this small garden.

Tricky with Plant Rack for Small Garden


Live in a minimalist home and not looking about space area? Make it tricky by create plants rack that have flexible style concept. Then, with the potted plants that you grow or buy at the shop, you can begin for arrangement this potted plants at plants rack that already before. You can make some creativity in these plants rack by coloring or make fun decoration. 

Mini Small Garden at the Corner and Hanging Plant


This idea using your space area at home for making small garden. If you have space area at the corner, make it nicely by growing the grass for the first. Then, if you want to grow a tree or some herbs in this area, make it grow. You can decorate by create mini fence that look fun and cute for small garden at the corner. Besides then, make a monotonous wall around the corner for placing the hanging plants. Make the potted have similar color with mini fence that pair in small garden for matching the design. The benefit that will have by creating small garden at the corner is make the atmosphere feel fresh and avoid the corner at home have looks gloomy and messy because not managed.

Relaxing in Small Garden Besides Your House


The last idea for small garden that you can try is making the small garden that fused with enjoying area. If you have enough of space area in your home, like in beside of home, terrace, or backyard, take this condition for small garden area. Grow nice grass and put some natural stone in this area. Then, you can attach a path for decoration. After make organizing for garden, you can place a set of seat that have timeless material because it for outdoor area. Adding some cushions for coziness while you're enjoying this area to get fresh atmosphere and make relax after busy day.

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