7 Simple Small Living Rooms That Maximize Minimalist Style

7 Simple Small Living Rooms That Maximize Minimalist Style

Homiful.com -- Limited land is often a problem to create a charming and functional residential interior design. One of them is the first room in the house, the living room. Not only to receive guests, the living room is also often used as a place to gather with family. Well, you do not need to be confused to determine the interior design of a beautiful and cool living room. 7 Simple Small Living Rooms That Maximize This Minimalist Style can be the recommendation for you.

Small living room with a dark touch


The concept of a living room that prioritizes comfort and nuances makes a minimalist style in the living room is suitable for exposure in the interior of a minimalist home. No need to be difficult to do a major renovation, you just put one dark sofa furniture and most importantly the coffee table that becomes an important part to fill the living room.

Minimalist Japanese-style small living room design


Minimalist living room that adopts this Japan style does not put elements of patterned and excessive decorate. Just with a sofa and wood material for furniture alone is enough to fill the living room with a cheap budget. You can adjust the use of furniture with the size of the room, so that the impression of comfort can be felt by guest who come. 

Mediterranean-style small living room design


For those of you who like a relaxed atmosphere while relaxing in your space-time, this living room can be the place. Apply the typical Mediterranean style of carpet motifs as well as the addition of comfortable padded cushion. Provide the living room with a living touch like ornamental plants to add natural freshness. 

Small decorative living room in summer


This eye-pleasing look seems to be the main aspect for supporting the living room in the summer. Give a little touch of fresh emerald green color, not to forget the function of the living room to receive relatives. Complete the furniture of choice with essential wall decoration along with space corner lighting.

A small private living room


Without having to use a space barrier to receive guests, The impression of privacy in the living room can be made an option using space ventilation with double curtains. You can maximize the living room on the wall using a shape rack following the space, so that functional is moved to an empty area for a wider impression. 

Using sofa letter L to create a broad impression


Furniture that takes up a lot of space turns out to be one of the things that can be the narrowing of the room. It is recommended to use an L-shaped long sofa that can accommodate guests who come to visit at any time. 

Decorate the living room with one-color thematic furniture


Another way that can be used to create a spacious and luxurious impression in a small living room at home is to use thematic furniture with similar patterns and colors. Such as monochrome themes, Scandinavian, Mediterranean or Classic style. So that the illusion of spaciousness and premium impression in your small living room looks more elegant to look modern.

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