7 Rooftop Garden Design Ideas and Tips

7 Rooftop Garden Design Ideas and Tips

Homiful.com -- Do you have an unused and planned roof garden with plants around there? Some garden ideas and tips about roofing will come in trouble if you get it wrong in the way it's arranged.

Moreover, you live in a densely populated urban area. To have an attractive small roof, some of these ideas can be used as an example. Take it and check out the following design tips.

Illuminated with maximum lighting


It is important to make the garden are brighter in the evening. You can install light around the stairs, behind the garden to add a broad and romance effect at night.

Saving space for pathway


It's like a garden in a house. It is not wrong if you make a pathway accent to show the difference in place. Place it between the two sides of the garden so as not to get in the way of each other.

Add some furntiture


Adjust in advance the usefulness of your roof at home. It will be used ad a dining room or just relaxing place. If the place is relaxed, then you just put down a lunge chair to enjoy the summer. The initial stage you need to do to functionally what the roof of the garden is made.

Utilizing vertical space


Change your rooftop garden more beautifully with a vertical garden. You can take advantage of the area around the wall, or make it propagate form wire and wood. Let the propagation of the plant get thicker and make the roof accent from this vertical concept. 

Grow tall plants and tress


This rooftop is perfect for those of whom have an outer size. You can beautify around the land with ornamental plants, tress or tall shrubs to maximize the area thoroughly. The choice of bamboo plants with grass becomes a good combination if you want easy treatment.

Add a focal point


So that your rooftop garden is not only visible with plants. You can give a focal point on the selection of the right group such as a series of ornamental plants with container, fishpond or just a tall bush.

Make it open


To indicate that your rooftop looks large and spacious is not to put too much furniture or make it worth the open area in general.

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